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plump down

1. To fall, drop, set, or sit down very heavily, suddenly, or abruptly. He came in from work and plumped down on the sofa without a word. The huge St. Bernard came over and plumped down onto her bed by the fireplace.
2. To drop or set someone or something down very heavily, suddenly, or abruptly. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "plump" and "down." The courier plumped the package down on my desk, nearly knocking over my coffee cup in the process. He plumped the screaming child down on the couch and put on some cartoons to calm her down.
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plump for (someone or something)

1. To choose, select, or opt for something. Primarily heard in UK. I plumped for the steak, but I wish I had gone with the chicken. In the end, we just plumped for the cheesy action movie.
2. To actively support someone or something. Don't say a bad word about that candidate to Mary—she's been plumping for him all year.
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plump up

1. To become very plump, chubby, or rotund. Soak the dehydrated mushrooms in a cup of water for an hour, until they have plumped up and the water is nearly gone. I began plumping up almost as soon as I became pregnant.
2. To make someone or something plump, chubby, rotund, or fuller in shape. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "plump" and "up." My kids always come home for the holidays looking so skinny, so I always try to plump them up a bit. It has come to light that one of the biggest poultry producers in the country has been plumping up chicken meat with water to artificially increase their weight and subsequent price.
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plump for someone or something

to support or promote someone or something. Henry spent a lot of energy plumping for Bill, who was running for vice president. She spent a lot of time plumping for our candidate.
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plump something down

1. to drop a heavy load of something. She plumped the load of groceries onto the bench and looked through her purse for the keys. Jill plumped down her packages.
2. to drop something as if it were a heavy load. He plumped the potatoes down on each plate, making a loud noise each time. Dave plumped down a huge slab of meat onto the grill.
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plump something up

to pat or shake something like a pillow into a fuller shape. Todd plumped his pillow up and finished making the bed. He plumped up his pillow.
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plump up

1. To become more plump or chubby: I went off my diet and immediately plumped up.
2. To make something rounded or full in form: We plumped up the dried cherries by soaking them in water. The nurse brought me a pillow and plumped it up before putting it behind my head.
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It's saturated with serum, so needs a lot of rubbing in after taking it off, but my skin looked plump, with no hint of tightness.
Hair and make-up: Anna Gibson using L'Oreal Color Riche Plump & Shine.
Buxom Lip Polish in Bellini, PS13.50, Plump up your pout with this lip polish containing hydrating hyaluronic and vitamins A and E.
"Gold'n Plump Fully Cooked Chicken Sausages were artisan made by our culinary experts who worked in our test kitchen to carefully explore and layer real ingredients to create these distinctive combinations."
If fine lines are your bugbear, use a light eye and lip cream to tighten and plump the contours daily.
Salzhauer revealed that as a person becomes older the lips decrease in size rather than becoming plump. "They get smaller and less plump as you get older, not bigger," revealed the surgeon to the website.
WHILE most DJs (despite their protestations) generally fall into recognised dance music sub-genres - house, vocal house, deep house etc, not so Plump DJS.
Plump your skin Each new pot of Vitamin E Aqua Boost Sorbet by the Body Shop contains 31 million plumping, microscopic moisture spheres.
The serum, which cost 16.29 pounds, differs from rival collagen-boosting creams that tend to target the skin around the bust - rather than the fat stores under the skin - to lift and plump up the breasts.n independent trials on 6,000 women, two-thirds of women saw an increase of half a cup size after 12 weeks, while almost a quarter went up by three-quarters of a cup size.
His first question went something like this, "Roughly what percentage of kids are actually obese, or are most of these just pleasingly plump?"
24 September 2010 - US poultry producer Gold'n Plump has been forced to halt operations at its Arcadia, Wisconsin, plant, due to severe flooding in the city.
Sweet-toothed Brits plump for puddings galore with a quarter averaging five a week.
* Technic Kiss Kiss Plump Up The Volume Lip Gloss, pounds 1.25 ( THIS is more like a balm than a gloss.
Plump up the volumeNew Volume Shine Wonder Full's unique formula provides an amazing plumping effect using a collagen enhancer, to help to boost your own collagen production for a long lasting, lip plumping effect with the addition of Vitamin E and oils to condition your lips and keep them soft, smooth and healthy.