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plummet to earth

to fall rapidly to earth from a great height. The rocket plummeted to earth and exploded as it struck. As the plane plummeted to earth, all the people on the ground were screaming.
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plummet to something

to drop or fall to some level or low point. Stock prices plummeted to record low levels. The rock plummeted to the river at the base of the cliff.
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New Delhi [India], Dec 7 ( ANI ): The air quality in Delhi-NCR that had plummeted to the dangerous "severe" category, improved slightly on Thursday, but it still remained "very poor".
A yellow alert means that power reserves have plummeted below the minimum of 647 MW.
In a tweet, he questioned: FDI into Pak plummeted to less than $ 1b last fiscal year.
Data from analysts IRI Retail Advantage shows that value sales for pre-packed bacon plummeted 17 per cent in the week after the WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer published a report last month concluding that processed meat was a carcinogen.
Heather Grant, employment lawyer at Liverpool law firm Maxwell Hodge said: "Tribunal claims have plummeted in this region and nationally and this can be put at the door of recent changes where employees have to pay fees to pursue a tribunal claim.
Theatre-goer Khalil Anjarwalla said he, his wife and her parents escaped from the theatre safely after "kilos of concrete plummeted from the ceiling".
A day after Standard and Poor Ratings Services downgraded BNP Paribas (EPA: BNP), stock prices of banks in France plummeted.
Since supply is greater than demand, the price of a litre of milk has plummeted to around 25 eurocents although it costs the farmer nearly 40 eurocents to produce, according to the EMB.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Japan's automobile exports to the UAE plummeted 19.
9 May 2011 - Shares in Diamyd Medical AB (STO: DIAM B) plummeted more than 80% in morning trade on the stock exchange in Stockholm after the company announced disappointing phase III results for its diabetes vaccine candidate Diamyd.
Summary: A hot air balloon lost control and plummeted to the ground killing both occupants.
Fine Gael have plummeted three per cent to 30 while Labour has also fallen two per cent to 22.
Summary: Rabat (MAP) - The production price index of manufacturing and mining industries equally plummeted in December 2009 by 0.
ADPnews) - Oct 15, 2009 - Belgian PVC profile maker Deceuninck (EBR:DECB) today said its third-quarter sales plummeted by 21.
Summary: Australia's June Retail Sales figure unexpectedly plummeted 1.