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plummet to earth

to fall rapidly to earth from a great height. The rocket plummeted to earth and exploded as it struck. As the plane plummeted to earth, all the people on the ground were screaming.
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plummet to something

to drop or fall to some level or low point. Stock prices plummeted to record low levels. The rock plummeted to the river at the base of the cliff.
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A hot air balloon has lost control and plummeted to the ground killing both occupants in Somerset.
Deceuninck's sales for the first nine months of the year plummeted by 22.
TOUCH TIMES: Around 850 staff at Bellway were axed last year as demand plummeted DOWNTURN: The average property price is pounds 160,000
It was always going to be unlikely that the Dubai Financial Market would escape the regional trend for a second day running as stocks plummeted across Asia yesterday.
In New York on Thursday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average plummeted nearly 2.
Complicating matters even more, their median net worth, which was $6,788 in 1985, plummeted to $3,746 by 2004, and this is despite higher incomes.
The Aussie captain Stephen Duffy believes that Antonio Perez's boat has been illegally fishing for Chilean Sea Bass (more accurately known as the Patagonian toothfish), whose former abundance plummeted after its oily white flesh became a favorite of restaurateurs.
Interest rates on financial assets held by households plummeted from 5.
Arnold Schwarzenegger's popularity among Latinos has plummeted in the last several months, with only 17 percent approving of his performance as governor.
Most dramatically, though sublease space declined 4% throughout Fairfield from the end of last year, Greenwich sublets plummeted 74% due primarily to Andor Capital Management's 144,340 SF commitment at Greenwich American Centre.
First half operating profits at Ito-Yokado's supermarket division plummeted 42% while profits at its 7-Eleven c-store chain rose 4%.
Over the past five years, the number of AIDS-related deaths has plummeted in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, the regions most deeply affected.
3% for the year, while annual profits plummeted 63.
According to Laura Ashley, the "noted media pioneer, educator, philanthropist, and religious broadcaster" owns about 2 million shares and offers an understanding of the North American consumer market, where sales have plummeted in recent years.
Subscriptions plummeted from 2,000 to 1,000 this season and the company faced another financial crisis in November.