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borrowed plumes

A showy display that is not truly one's own. I know you lied to me earlier, so quit adorning yourself with borrowed plumes and tell me what you really contributed to this event.
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plume (oneself) on (something)

To pride oneself on something in a vain, boastful, or showy manner. He plumes himself on his business acumen, constantly talking about how many big sales he's pulled in and how much money he earns. But so much as challenge one of their worldviews with facts, and the aloof nonchalance these teenagers plume themselves on will crumple like tissue paper.
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plume oneself

Congratulate oneself, boast, as in He plumed himself on his victory. This idiom transfers the bird's habit of dressing its feathers to human self-satisfaction. [First half of 1600s]
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borrowed plumes

a pretentious display not rightly your own.
This phrase refers to the fable of the jay which dressed itself in the peacock's feathers.
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ENPNewswire-August 27, 2019--UNIVERSITY OF HELSINKI: First direct evidence for a mantle plume origin of Jurassic flood basalts in southern Africa
Thanks to coordinated observations of the planet in January 2017 by six ground-based optical and radio telescopes and NASA's Hubble Space Telescope, a University of California, Berkeley, astronomer and her colleagues have been able to track the effects of these storms -- visible as bright plumes above the planet's ammonia ice clouds -- on the belts in which they appear.
"If these plumes are vigorous and continue to have convective events, they may disturb one of these entire bands over time, though it may take a few months," Imke de Pater, lead researcher and a professor of astronomy at the University of California, Berkeley, said in a ( statement .
The plumes were discovered by NASA's unmanned spacecraft the Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security-Regolith Explorer (OSIRIS-REx).
Purchase a readymade silk camisole and coordinating ostrich plumes. The size of the camisole determines the number of ostrich plumes needed and ribbon length.
The findings support other evidence of plumes from Europa, whose ocean may contain twice the volume of all Earth's oceans.
Since 1990, studies on hydrothermal plumes in the eastern Manus back-arc basin have been carried out.
Schumer has long championed the local water districts of Bethpage, South Farmingdale and Massapequa as they struggled to contain and pay for the toxic plumes emanating from the former navy-Grumman facility in Bethpage, often in face of corporate and bureaucratic stonewalling.
Producing a CFD tool that adequately simulates the dispersion of individual plumes and the subsequent plume interaction is a formidable task.
Robert, "Analysis of liquid rocket propellant engine exhaust plumes," in AIAA 5th Thermophysics conference, Los Angeles, CA, USA, June 29-July 1, 1970.
This allows us to identify the individual plumes of the spray, where this is not possible from a single line of sight projection.
Wind speed, wind direction, spacing between the chillers, distance from the building, and the height of the building wall and screen wall can affect dispersion of discharge plumes from the chillers and increase the air temperature entering the air-cooled condenser.
A small population of aquarium-held whale sharks facilitated direct studies of behavior in response to chemical stimulus plumes. Whale sharks were exposed to plumes composed of either homogenized krill or simple aqueous solutions of dimethyl sulfide (DMS), which is associated with krill aggregations and is used by several pelagic species as a food-finding stimulus.
13 ( ANI ): Researchers have found evidence of water vapor erupting from the frigid surface of Jupiter's moon Europa, in one or more localized plumes near its south pole.
The air movements and temperatures in the plumes and the rest of the room are represented separately at each air layer in a room of seven layers.