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adorn (oneself) with borrowed plumes

To make a showy display of something that is not truly one's own. I know you lied to me earlier about your involvement in this fair, so quit adorning yourself with borrowed plumes and tell me what you actually contributed. Please, I'm the one who did all the work coordinating the speakers. If Vanessa gets up to the mic and takes credit, she's just adorning herself with borrowed plumes. The hosts always adorn themselves with borrowed plumes, when it’s really the event planner who makes sure these events go off smoothly.
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borrowed plumes

A showy display that is not truly one's own. I know you lied to me earlier, so quit adorning yourself with borrowed plumes and tell me what you really contributed to this event.
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nom de plume

A pseudonym used by a writer. From French, literally "name of pen." I needed to write honestly about my childhood, but I also didn't want to hurt any of the people I was writing about. That's why I published under a nom de plume.
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plume (oneself) on (something)

To pride oneself on something in a vain, boastful, or showy manner. He plumes himself on his business acumen, constantly talking about how many big sales he's pulled in and how much money he earns. But so much as challenge one of their worldviews with facts, and the aloof nonchalance these teenagers plume themselves on will crumple like tissue paper.
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plume oneself

Congratulate oneself, boast, as in He plumed himself on his victory. This idiom transfers the bird's habit of dressing its feathers to human self-satisfaction. [First half of 1600s]
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borrowed plumes

a pretentious display not rightly your own.
This phrase refers to the fable of the jay which dressed itself in the peacock's feathers.
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