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speak with a plum in (one's) mouth

To speak in a manner that is indicative of a high social class. Primarily heard in UK. He spoke with such a plum in his mouth that none of us working-class sods could stand to listen to him.
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have a plum in (one's) mouth

To speak in a manner that is indicative of a high social class. Primarily heard in UK. Because he always sounds like he has a plum in his mouth, none of us working-class sods can stand to listen to him.
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like a ripe plum

Easily; with very little resistance. We just need patience: after a few months of being cut off from supplies, the city will fall into our hands like a ripe plum.
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a plum in your mouth

If someone speaks with a plum in their mouth, they speak with an accent that is typical of a high social class. While she does not talk with a plum in her mouth, she is very articulate. Note: This expression is used to show disapproval. Note: This is from the idea that the accent used by upper-class speakers of British English makes them sound as though they have a plum in their mouth.
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have a plum in your mouth

have a rich-sounding voice or affected accent. British
See also: have, mouth, plum

like a ripe plum (or ripe plums)

used to convey that something can be obtained with little or no effort.
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n. a prize or reward; something that can be considered the spoils of a political office. My plum for getting elected was a big new office.
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