plug (something) into (something)

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plug (something) into (something)

1. To insert something into something else, as to achieve a certain function or drawn an electrical charge. I need to plug my phone into a charger or the battery will die. Don't turn the power on until after you've plugged the cartridge into the console.
2. To connect something to an online network or system. You can plug your computer, tablet, or phone into the airport's Wi-Fi for free. The update should begin automatically so long as your account remains plugged into the company network.
See also: plug

plug something into something (and plug something in)

to connect something to something else, usually by connecting wires together with a plug and socket. Plug this end of the wire into the wall. Plug in the lamp and turn it on.
See also: plug

plug into

To insert a part of some object into an outlet, socket, or some other receptacle, especially to make a mechanical or electrical connection: Plug the iron into the electrical outlet. I plugged the speakers into the back of the receiver.
See also: plug
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When I'd plug something into the laptop's USB port that drew power from the computer--a CCD camera, for example--the power supply would shut down.
If I can make it so easy for people to just plug something into a black box, then at least for the small to medium-sized businesses the need to have these people on staff will disappear."
Ideally, I would like to be able to plug something into my brain that would act as my extended memory.
"You want to be able to plug something into the wall," says Schneider.