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But after all the excitement in I the area since the latest Guinness I Book Of Records came out, I've agreed to pluck a few more turkeys ' for friends this Christmas.
Nevertheless, several estates in Malawi still persevere with shear plucking, especially in the peak of the season, with crops such as the China jat, which is difficult to pluck by hand.
That's similar to what Rucker wants to have happen when he plucks a guitar string, Boak says.
2 The series is consistent with an initial and three later downward major plucks.
Nonetheless, comparison of Figure 4 with Figure 2 suggests that downward plucks in money generally correspond to downward plucks in real output; and with Figure 3, that both downward and upward plucks in money generally correspond to both downward and upward plucks in nominal income.
All in all, therefore, the evidence for the past quarter century supports the view that the "plucking model" is a useful way to interpret business fluctuations, though in itself it does not explain the source of the plucks.
He believes a little shaping pluck can't possibly hurt.
Named for the pluck and determination of the students who spearheaded it, the initial Pluck Project consisted of a free performance of solo works by graduating contemporary dance students, produced entirely by the students themselves at the Context Theater, a 75-seat venue in New York City.
For students who have spent most of their college careers in the dance studios of NCSA, the Pluck Project, "de-mystifies the process of production," says Toia.