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When hairs are plucked, they are pulled out by the root.
Conclusion: DIF on Tzanck smear and plucked hair is a simple, painless and non-invasive test in diagnosing pemphigus vulgaris.
"Since there were no remains of a burst eyeball, someone must have plucked her eyes out and pulled them out - that's the opinion of three vets."
(Students reply in unison that they've plucked a flower.)
The next goose was partially plucked, but missing a leg and had a series of deep gashes in the breast meat.
Although the plucked hair shaft is clearly inferior in cellular quantity and complexity to an intact hair follicle as obtained by a biopsy, it does carry sufficient cellular mass to permit detailed scientific investigations.
However, he said one of the recent cases involved a few men who plucked bunches of flowers from the roadside for selling them.
The Whisperer was present at a social event at one of the country's leading five-star hotels where tickets to a number of destinations were being plucked out in a raffle draw sponsored by an airline.
There should be a Premier League snookerstyle pluck-clock, allowing only three seconds after the final dart hits the board for all darts to be plucked.
The software can be used for all plucked string instruments and instrument tuning.
Manchester, U.K.-based Epistem (UK: EHP) on November 19 unveiled a novel ex vivo plucked hair biomarker assay at a cancer therapeutics symposium in Berlin.
LIVE birds are being cruelly plucked to make goosedown bedding and jackets sold in shops across Britain.
Summary: Twelve dancers, plucked from obscurity to join Michael Jackson on stage in London, say they are very lucky.
The man then recalled being plucked from the water by a bucket and the pair were reunited.
All I've ever plucked have been eyebrows, but the principle must be the same except you use fingers instead of tweezers and pull in the direction they grow.