pluck out of pluck out

pluck out

1. To grasp and remove something very quickly and abruptly (out of something else). A noun or pronoun is used between "pluck" and "out." The thief plucked the wallet out of her purse as he walked by her. She reached into the bag and plucked out a present for her nephew.
2. To remove someone from some undesirable state or place, especially suddenly or abruptly, in order to elevate them to a better position or status. A noun or pronoun is used between "pluck" and "out." The famous director plucked the young woman out of obscurity and made her a worldwide star almost overnight. The child barely had enough to eat each day until he was plucked out of poverty by a wealthy benefactor.
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pluck something out of something and pluck something out

to snatch something out of something. She plucked the coin out of his hand and put it in her pocket. Reaching into the fountain, Jane plucked out the coin.
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