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So in Luke, the work of plowing is used to describe movement forward in the way of following Jesus who is not behind us but in front, leading the way.
These were partly related to ecologic degradation associated with conventional technologies such as unbalanced use of fertilizers, delayed planting, and the overuse of plowing, but also due to increased input costs including fuel and low output prices.
After a few weeks of steady plowing, a plow blade is worn down to nothing and must be replaced.
The 214 opened up another possibility: plowing with a 6-horse hitch.
Using the GIS system, the average plowing time for the different priority roads were determined (Priority 1 routes take 4.5 hours to plow, Priority 2 take 6 hours, Priority 3 take 8 hours).
Scopel estimates that daytime plowing exposes buried weed seeds to sunlight for roughly one-quarter of a second before recovering them with freshly turned earth.
also produced Wonder Plow trucks, "that could be fitted to any walking plow." A woman who was plowing 100 acres with one horse offered a testimonial published in a 1908 issue of the Rural New Yorker:
The vote to spend money plowing the streets does not make them accepted, but the mayor said not plowing some of the streets would not make sense.
The normal setting is to have the shoes and cutting edge touch the road surface at the same time, though plowing conditions may require some other settings from time to time.
Few farm jobs give greater satisfaction than tractor plowing a field.
City Solicitor John Flick told the committee that if the city wants to continue plowing streets not accepted as public roads, voters at an election need to approve acceptance of a section of a state law allowing limited maintenance of private roads by the city.
"The geometry of our designs allows the vibrator to `float' at the proper operating depth and transfers weight to both the front and rear axles of the plow tractor, increasing plowing efficiency and minimizing transfer of vibration to the tractor."
But after hearing from residents, selectmen decided to change the wording of their policy to allow the town to continue plowing the 14 roads that it has traditionally plowed this winter.
To maximize plowing efficiency, a fully offsetting pre-ripper is also available.
This plow was of use when plowing very hard ground that a moldboard plow could not break.