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After browsing through a mountain-high manuscript that landed on my desk a few months ago from the salubrious West Coast, I couldn't help reminiscing about Gutenberg's plowable type, Giambattista Bodoni's impressive title pages and luxurious margins, Louis Elzever's elegant typefaces, and many others, inventors and innovators, those who enriched the printed page with new types of letters, symbols, and optical characters: well, yes, Baskerville, Caslon, Didot, Garamond, Goudy, Granjon, Morris, Rogers, Tory .
76) Along with this advance came other capital projects: transforming small, hand-dug fields into large plowable ones; reclaiming unused land; creating orchards and fish-breeding ponds.
Through Friday, Worcester had had 12 plowable storms this winter, plus another seven storms that required only sanding and salting, according to Paul J.
Vehicular traffic assists by further disintegrating the snow and ice surface, reducing it to plowable slush.
Moylan acknowledged that delaying the start of the leaf collection program by two weeks could mean that the city will get a plowable snowstorm before all the leaves are collected.
When temperatures drop during snow storms, CMA-treated snow remains free and plowable because of the low free water produced.