plow in

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plow something in

to work something into soil by plowing. Lay the fertilizer down and plow it in. Plow in the fertilizer as soon as you can.
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It is true that modern no-till farming techniques have lessened the need for routine spring and fall plowing, and the field cultivator has replaced the moldboard plow in many cases.
In the middle ages, an acre was first defined as the amount of land that a man and a yoke of oxen could plow in a day.
Indeed, each plow in the field sports a gleaming coat of paint and spotless shares.
Harold acquired the oldest plow in his collection - a Carey wooden moldboard plow - from a Missouri collector.
Missouri was the western edge of the frontier up through the mid-1800s, and many of the 350,000 pioneers who left Missouri in wagon trains between 1841 and 1866 carried a plow in their wagons.
I saw a picture of an Eddy plow in a magazine and wrote to ask if any were available for sale," Harold recalls.
Harold bought the bluegrass plow in his collection at a farm auction in Jefferson City, Mo.
It was the first plow in which the parts most exposed to wear could be renewed in the field by the substitution of new parts.
This feature allows the action of the tongue to steer the plow in turns.