plot (something) out

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plot (something) out

1. Literally, to plot data points on a graph. If you plot the equation out, you can see that it will approach zero for infinity without ever reaching it. After plotting the results out, it becomes clear that there is definite correlation between the two variables.
2. To create a detailed course or path by which to travel. We need to plot our path out before we start the hike, or we could end up getting lost. The navigation systems on the ship plot out our course automatically, but we can use these charts and the stars in the sky in case the computers fail.
3. To establish or devise the way in which one will do something. We brought together the heads of the departments to plot out the company's course for the next fiscal year. I think we should plot a strategy out in case this turns into a full-blown scandal.
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plot something out

to map something out; to outline a plan for something. I have an idea about how to remodel this room. Let me plot it out for you. I plotted out my ideas for the room.
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plot out

1. To place something on a graph: The students plotted out the equation and determined that it was a parabola. We determined the coordinates and plotted them out on the graph.
2. To establish some plan, path, or course: We plotted out the best route through the mountains. The captain plotted the ship's course out on the chart.
3. To make a thorough analysis of some plan: The governor met with his top advisers to plot out a new strategy. Before we started the company, we spent six months just plotting it out.
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But you had to have it your way with Arto, Arto's probably listening to his Fleetwood Mac records thinking about his hair or a new disco outfit or plotting out his new space shoes that will be slicker that snot, while Jim rides on, the unsung hero sitting at Taco Bell with a twisted ankle and swellbow having his dinner and getting ready to go back out and skate.