plot against (something or someone)

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plot against (something or someone)

To join together to form a scheme or plot to foil or defeat someone or something. The group was arrested for plotting against the monarch. His two younger brothers plotted against him to have him removed from the head of the company.
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plot against someone or something

to make a scheme against someone or something. All the counselors plotted against the czar. We plotted against the opposing party.
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plot against

To establish a plan to overthrow or ruin someone or something: The spies plotted against the government.
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References in classic literature ?
Perhaps, too, he thought of me: perhaps he regretted the part he had had in preventing our union, by omitting to help us, if not by actually plotting against us. I exonerated him from that charge now, and deeply lamented my former ungenerous suspicions; but he had wronged us, still - I hoped, I trusted that he had.
It is BJP who is plotting against us. Not our party workers but BJP workers threw stones at people.
We cannot forget the practices of the countries that have been plotting against us from seven years and till now in obstructing us from eliminating terrorism," al-Maollem said.
"Then we had water problems and power cuts and we thought the gods were plotting against us. But last year it started picking up."
'I cannot accept a dime from the government that entertains people from the very country that has been plotting against us, our interests and our people,' she added.
EVERYONE wants to be safe and to support measures to help discover potential terrorists plotting against us. But how the politicians and legal profession choose to operate any new powers is a matter of contention and could be abused.
I felt like he was plotting against us, trying to ruin our relationship because of what he was doing.
"We will continue to take any action necessary to disrupt attack plotting against US interests," the statement concluded.
The mythology that claims the whole world is plotting against us and that all our woes were caused by the Americans, English, Europeans, the UN, NATO and everyone else apart from our foolish selves.
Their remaining operatives spend more time thinking about their own safety than plotting against us. They did not direct the attacks in Benghazi or Boston.
I am not an advocate of the conspiracy theory, but there are many issues that require from the Gulf Cooperation Council to remain on the lookout and increase precautionary measures, in order to curb the greedy, arrogant, and spiteful sides that are plotting against us to increase the "crises" that do not leave the region, and to keep away problems coming to us from all sides.
This action would remove an expensive cost from our strained prison service and the danger of any more plotting against us.
"The enemies who could not stop the Iranian nation reaching nuclear technology by means of political pressure, conspiracies and using the tool of international organisations are now plotting against us", Mr Ahmadinejad proclaimed at a rally.
Those plotting against us seek not only to undermine our security but also the