plot with

plot with someone

to scheme with someone. Mary looks as though she is plotting with Jerry to make some sort of mischief. I am not plotting with anyone. I am planning everything myself.
See also: plot
References in classic literature ?
Then we rushed upon him with a shout and seized him; on which he began at once with his old tricks, and changed himself first into a lion with a great mane; then all of a sudden he became a dragon, a leopard, a wild boar; the next moment he was running water, and then again directly he was a tree, but we stuck to him and never lost hold, till at last the cunning old creature became distressed, and said, 'Which of the gods was it, Son of Atreus, that hatched this plot with you for snaring me and seizing me against my will?
Plot # Ticks pre- # Ticks # Ticks sample 24 hrs 48 hrs Control Rep 1 0 0 0 Control Rep 2 0 0 0 Plot with 12 ticks, Rep 1 0 3 1 Plot with 12 ticks, Rep 2 0 1 3 Plot with 25 ticks, Rep 1 0 4 5 Plot with 25 ticks, Rep 2 0 6 3 Plot with 50 ticks, Rep 1 0 9 14 Plot with 50 ticks, Rep 2 0 4 16 Plot with 25 ticks (2x size plot) 0 2 4 Plot #Ticks Avg.
A D-size color plot with 7 percent coverage costs about 80 cents per page, while the cost for monochrome is about 60 cents.