plot against (something or someone)

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plot against (something or someone)

To join together to form a scheme or plot to foil or defeat someone or something. The group was arrested for plotting against the monarch. His two younger brothers plotted against him to have him removed from the head of the company.
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plot against someone or something

to make a scheme against someone or something. All the counselors plotted against the czar. We plotted against the opposing party.
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plot against

To establish a plan to overthrow or ruin someone or something: The spies plotted against the government.
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SOCIALITE and model Tamara Ecclestone has hit out at an ex-boyfriend jailed over a PS200,000 blackmail plot against her, saying that she would never have paid the "disgusting human being" a penny.
Zuleika is suddenly the mistress of a grand palace where her color and background ensures a friendless existence, and even her own servants plot against her. Zuleika works hard to make the transition from slave to slave owner, inflicting small cruelties on the young freckled girls in her service.