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cow flop

and cow plop
n. a mass of cow dung. Mrs. Wilson is out in the pasture gathering cow flops for her garden. When walking out on the range land, we try to avoid “cow plops,” as the wranglers call them.
See also: cow, flop

cow plop

See also: cow, plop


1. n. the sound of dropping something soft and bulky, such as a hunk of meat. When the roast fell on the floor, it made a nasty plop.
2. tv. to put or place something (somewhere). I don’t mind cooking a turkey. You only have to plop it in the oven and forget about it.
3. tv. to sit oneself down somewhere; to place one’s buttocks somewhere. (The it in the examples is the buttocks.) Come in, Fred. Just plop it anywhere you see a chair. This place is a mess.
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Kuma picks up cash and coins from the ground, plops them into a piggy bank and gives the piggy bank to the judges.
When Chernunchin says, ``Dick told me, 'This show is actor-proof,' '' Wolf plops his head in his hands.
A When a relatively new employee plops down in front of his manager and goes through a litany of problems and fixes, the managerial response is not typically warm and fuzzy.
Tina's spaced-out former boyfriend Michael (Hayes Hargrove) has invaded the proceedings and plops himself down at whatever table is handy.
Now in its second year, the Poly program plucks teachers-in-training off the CSUN campus and plops them into the real world of urban public schools.
Five-month-old Inca paws at the defense lawyer's pant leg before Ayers returns to the prosecution table, where Inca obediently plops down.
Playing at the Ahmanson Theatre through May 23, ``Cinderella'' plops the immortal fairy tale right down in the middle of London's Blitz, when the Royal Air Force battled Hitler's Luftwaffe for aerial mastery.
Fans of the Nickelodeon television series, though, undoubtedly will enjoy this quick-paced, brightly colored big-screen romp that takes the Rugrats out of their everyday world and plops them into a vast forest for some scary adventures and fun.
A Price Above Rubies'' plops your basic, Hollywood female empowerment formula in the middle of a Brooklyn Hasidic community with results that, as you'd well imagine, are more than a little bit awkward.
Thomas Budderwitz's set design plops Richard's predecessor-brother King Edward IV (the indispensable Mitchell Edmonds) down on a throne of blood, and Paul Dinkel's lighting design brings out the lurid crimson shades of the damask drapes that enshroud the stage.