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cow flop

and cow plop
n. a mass of cow dung. Mrs. Wilson is out in the pasture gathering cow flops for her garden. When walking out on the range land, we try to avoid “cow plops,” as the wranglers call them.
See also: cow, flop

cow plop

See also: cow, plop


1. n. the sound of dropping something soft and bulky, such as a hunk of meat. When the roast fell on the floor, it made a nasty plop.
2. tv. to put or place something (somewhere). I don’t mind cooking a turkey. You only have to plop it in the oven and forget about it.
3. tv. to sit oneself down somewhere; to place one’s buttocks somewhere. (The it in the examples is the buttocks.) Come in, Fred. Just plop it anywhere you see a chair. This place is a mess.
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And he wasn't the only famous face who felt the need to help in the overflowing crowd that shopped fo r menswear inside the Varvatos shop (a percentage went to the cause), bid on a sidewalk full of silent-auction items and settled in to a huge tent plopped right in the middle of Melrose to bid high during the live action.
Pop references are plopped together with psycho-babble jargon about "closure" between Chicken Little and his dad.
The Bruins, growing more resilient with every new disheartening MRI result plopped onto Ben Howland's desk, took apart Stanford 71-54 in one of their most dominant Pac-10 performances in years.
Proving there are definite universal aspects to life as a teenager, Kim struggled to raise his head from his pillow, grimaced a bit, then plopped right back down and went back to sleep.
LILLIAN HELLMAN showed how astute and worldly wise a playwright she was when she plopped the earnest and principled refugee, Kurt Muller, into the same dramatic landscape as patrician matriarch Fanny Farrelly.
Its contestants (who are so humdrum Sci Fi doesn't even bother to list them in its press materials) are plopped into a gothic home populated by ``alts'' - willfully bizarre characters who have embraced cultish lifestyles.
Earlier adventures usually plopped Lara in the middle of ancient ruins, but the first several hours of ``Angel of Darkness'' are spent running from French cops in Paris.
today - also will be available on the Internet, by early afternoon Friday there were some three dozen tents, a couple of dozen cabanas and barbecue grills, a few TVs, and probably a hundred or so coolers plopped down in the parking lot.
Rosen said workers at the Thousand Oaks home had scooped the critter up in a net and plopped it into a trash container until she arrived.
The level of service varies, from the two-week cycles with clients handling all the reheating to in-the-kitchen services where the meal's freshly plopped down on plates for hungrily awaiting diners.
Gonzaga hasn't just arrived on the national scene, it's busted through the front door, plopped down on the sofa and kicked up it's feet on the coffee table.
It was last month during a home game when Ron Harper plopped himself down in a courtside seat in disgust after the triangle offense had coagulated into a tetrahedron.
With a permed Beatles wig plopped on his noggin, groovy shades and an imperious cigarette foppishly dangling from his fingertips, Jeffrey insists Jimi pursue money, not art, and books him on a tour opening for the Monkees.
Now suppose he plopped that team down in the decade in which the playoff and World Series showcases stretched to nearly a month, baseball television coverage rose to the saturation point, and the fascination with sports personalities reached insane levels.