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plonk something down

to slap something down; to plop something down. He plonked a dollar down and demanded a newspaper. He plonked down his beer mug on the bar.
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n. white wine; cheap wine; any liquor. (From French blanc.) That plonk is really hard on the gut.

plonked (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also plonk, blank.) He sure is plonked up.
See also: plonk, up


See also: plonk
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We hear the actress gets in such a strop when she can't find a space outside her trendy West Village building that she plonks her car wherever she fancies.
This is the moment when Tony Blair breaks with etiquette and plonks himself down before a lady - and not just any lady.
COMFY: PM makes himself at home; SOFA SO GOOD: Prime Minister greets Queen; BUM NOTE: He's about to plonk his bottom down
Taking the new TVfad of putting everyday folk into unusual situations (desert islands, strange jobs and the like), this new series goes to for the historical perspective, and plonks them into entirely different centuries - or as close an approximation to them as they can muster.