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plonk something down

to slap something down; to plop something down. He plonked a dollar down and demanded a newspaper. He plonked down his beer mug on the bar.
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n. white wine; cheap wine; any liquor. (From French blanc.) That plonk is really hard on the gut.

plonked (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also plonk, blank.) He sure is plonked up.
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See also: plonk
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4 wines per month: 1 bottle of the Plonk Pick of the Month, and 3 bottles that will be featured in the monthly online wine tasting
FRENCH police have uncovered a wine-mixing scam which they fear could affect hundreds of thousands of bottles of plonk.
While our pasty-faced, wittering politicians plonk their buttocks in the camp of politically correct twaddle and ineffectual debate, Taiwan's elected representatives have a slightly different way of settling their differences.
Well, if it gets any chillier, she can always plonk it on her head.
The answer is put your tin hats on, plonk 11 players behind the ball, park the team bus in front of the goal and try to grind out a draw.
A Newcastle-based company has put the city on the world wine map for its ability to source top Italian plonk.
Perhaps if you did not hide behind anonymity,LFC could plonk themselves on your doorstep, where this would obviously be welcomed.
But they are being duped into buying cheap plonk and the Glasgow-based gang have coined in an estimated pounds 45,000
PM is going to spare the blushes of the top TV3 star who overindulged in the plentiful free plonk at Galway Races.
In many continental countries, children often have a small glass of plonk with meals.
Instead of buying that extra Easter egg or bottle of plonk this weekend, why not make a donation to your local heart charity to help more youngsters like Paul?
One of the most prestigious regions for plonk is the Loire in France.
The 200-year old plonk was picked up by Christian Vanneque who, at around EUR20,000 a glass, does not even plan to drink it.
AMERICAN wine is now more popular in Britain than plonk from France.
Not only is wine meant to taste better when decanted but it also means that no one need ever know if it's cheap plonk or vintage claret.