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plonk something down

to slap something down; to plop something down. He plonked a dollar down and demanded a newspaper. He plonked down his beer mug on the bar.
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n. white wine; cheap wine; any liquor. (From French blanc.) That plonk is really hard on the gut.

plonked (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also plonk, blank.) He sure is plonked up.
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See also: plonk
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To get two misgivings out of the way quickly: even at eighty-three minutes, the film is probably too long; inventive as it is, its narrative method depends too heavily on the shifts between the two periods as Plonk seeks to press upon the politicians of 2008 his message about the imminent end of the world.
Wrangling his way to an audience with 2007 Prime Minister Short (played by South Australian Premier Mike Rann, in his second credited movie role), Plonk sees his fortunes tumble when he's declared a terrorist suspect.
Villagers are being asked to dress in French costume - and take their own bottles of plonk - to the get-together.
The musical magnate, 62, auctioned off 8,837 bottles in 746 lots, saying he has run out of space to store the vintage plonk.
While our pasty-faced, wittering politicians plonk their buttocks in the camp of politically correct twaddle and ineffectual debate, Taiwan's elected representatives have a slightly different way of settling their differences.
IT'S NOT cream cakes, bottles of plonk or packets of crisps that have Irish women obsessed with their weight.
Don't just plonk yourself down at the telly all night.
Alternatively, you could give the pounds 600 to Children in Need, buy yourself a bottle of supermarket plonk and bask in the warm glow of generosity instead of self indulgence.
THESE fabulously stylish black cut wine glasses will make even the cheapest plonk taste delicious.
You can make it look how you like - but there's no getting away from the fact that cheap plonk will always be cheap plonk.
Swaley Taylor, who flogged the plonk at pounds 10 a time from his van, was collared by police when a Christmas shopper twigged it was fake.
In many continental countries, children often have a small glass of plonk with meals.
Well, if it gets any chillier, she can always plonk it on her head.
The answer is put your tin hats on, plonk 11 players behind the ball, park the team bus in front of the goal and try to grind out a draw.
A Newcastle-based company has put the city on the world wine map for its ability to source top Italian plonk.