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plight (one's) troth

To bind oneself to another person in marriage. This archaic phrase, still sometimes used in modern writing for stylistic effect, employs the obsolete words "plight" ("to pledge") and "troth" ("truth"). There are some practical matters which people rarely consider when they decide to plight their troth.
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plight one's troth to someone

to become engaged to be married to someone. (Literary or jocular.) I chose not to plight my troth to anyone who acts so unpleasant to my dear aunt. Alice plighted her troth to Scott.
See also: plight, troth

plight your troth

pledge your word in marriage or betrothal.
The verb plight is now virtually obsolete except in this particular phrase, as is the noun troth .
See also: plight, troth

plight (one's) troth

1. To become engaged to marry.
2. To give one's solemn oath.
See also: plight, troth
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