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ply (one's) trade

To go about one's normal business or employment. Despite the dominance of big supermarket chains, local vendors still ply their trade along the pedestrian area as they have done for decades.
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ply (someone) with (something)

To give someone something in large quantities, typically to receive some benefit in return. We plied Tom with alcohol to get him to reveal the dark secrets of his business.
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ply between (something and something else)

to travel between things or places regularly or constantly. There are a number of small craft that ply between Santerem and Manaus on a regular basis. Our little ship was unable to ply the entire distance between the two islands.
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ply (someone with something else)

to try to supply or give something to someone. (Implies an attempt to influence or fawn upon someone.) We plied the mayor with gifts and favors, but it got us nowhere. Don't try to ply the police officer with gifts. That is considered a bribe.

ply for ˈhire/ˈtrade/ˈbusiness

(British English) look for customers, passengers, etc. in order to do business: There are plenty of taxis plying for hire outside the theatre.
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ply your ˈtrade

(written) do your work or business: This is the restaurant where he plied his trade as a cook.
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ply with

To give someone substantial amounts of something, such as drinks or other favors, especially to encourage cooperation or to manipulate: She plied the spy with wine, hoping that he would reveal his true identity.
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Prior to the binding process, the binding surfaces of the six plies that were to comprise a laminated beam were either soap water washed, incised, or untreated.
When students begin their plies, Corbett pays close attention to the fit of their shoes: "Are they so tight that you can't spread out your foot?
Ironically, not only will Florida's biggest rapper Plies not be attending or performing, but Young Jeezy, Georgia's hottest rapper right now will also not be in attendance at VH1's Hip Hop Honors specifically celebrating The South.
You put your knee over the ball of the foot, and that creates a cushion, then the plie puts the heel down as you finish landing.
One of the advantages of designing with composites is that plies of material can be placed precisely where they are needed.
Second Chance" Plies will retain an Appeals Attorney for a family member or friend that was wrongfully accused and sentenced
Steiner obtained encouraging results with an intermediate approach, whereby thermoplastic PEEK and polyethersulfone (PES) particles were dispersed in thermoset cyanate ester resin mainly in the interlaminar region between prepreg plies.
Bricks On Me" Plies personal jewelry giveaway includes diamond bracelets, watches, charms, earrings, necklaces, and rings
Controllable density is said to allow individual plies or layers as light as 15 [g/m.
April 20 /PRNewswire/ -- Prolific Rap star Plies announces today the launch of his " Goon Affiliated 25 Day Giveaway " as he countdowns the release of his highly anticipated fourth album, Goon Affiliated which drops May 25[sup.
Key statement: A belt durability is improved by effectively suppressing an interlayer separation between each widthwise outer end portion of a belt reinforcing layer (41) and a belt layer (34), in which each widthwise outer end (45) of one widest-width inner belt ply (35a) is located outward from each widthwise outer end (46) of widestwidth reinforcing plies (42a, 42b) in the widthwise direction, and hence reinforcing elements of the belt plies are not crossed with each other at the outside from the each widthwise outer end (46) in the widthwise direction.
The cellulosic ply of the first layer is on and secured to the cellulosic ply of the second layer such that portions of the thermoplastic and cellulosic plies of the second layer extend beyond the first surface area of the first layer to form a border completely surrounding the first layer.
To meet bird-impact design strength to withstand a four-pound bird hit at 340 knots, the windshield is a laminate of two plies of as-cast acrylic with an inner core ply of polycarbonate.
The first and second plies form an interior region there between.
Users are now able to shade plies in ply books, resulting in a more intuitive representation of the part.