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go back on (one's) pledge

To not do something one said one would do; to renege on something. People are beginning to worry that the governor is going to go back on his pledge and not lower taxes for lower-income families after all. You made a commitment to support our project, and now you've gone back on your pledge!
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sign the pledge

To take an oath to abstain from drinking alcohol forever. My father was a monster to me and my brothers until he signed the pledge in the late '90s. I noticed Janet drinking 7-Up all night. She either signed the pledge, or she's pregnant.
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take the pledge

To take an oath to abstain from drinking alcohol forever. My father was a monster to me and my brothers until he took the pledge about 10 years ago. I noticed Janet drinking 7-Up all night at the party. She's either taken the pledge, or she's pregnant.
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go back on one's word

 and go back on one's promise; go back on one's pledge
to break a promise that one has made. I hate to go back on my word, but I won't pay you $100 afterall. Going back on your promise makes you a liar.
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pledge something

to someone to promise something to someone. I pledged one hundred dollars to Ralph for his cause. We pledged a lot of money to our favorite charity.

take the pledge

Fig. to promise to abstain from drinking alcohol. I'm not ready to take the pledge yet, but I will cut down. My aunt tried to get me to take the pledge.
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sign (or take) the pledge

make a solemn undertaking to abstain from alcohol.
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sign/take the ˈpledge

(old-fashioned) promise never to drink alcohol: He hasn’t been much fun since he took the pledge.In the nineteenth century there were anti-drinking campaigns, when people were encouraged to sign a promise (= a pledge) never to drink alcohol.
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take the pledge

tv. to promise to abstain from alcohol. I’m not ready to take the pledge yet, but I will cut down.
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Patrick Gallagher Jr., has signed the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion pledge, the company announced.
And of the two pledges, where the government pledged to institute, DPT maintained that only the fourth pay commission was fulfilled.
For the full year, other countries that accounted for the largest shares in total investment pledges were Singapore, which cornered 11.8 percent and Japan with 11 percent.
By location, the majority of the approved foreign investment pledges would be used to finance projects in Northern Mindanao (P15.5 billion).
To recall, the BOI is targeting to hit P680 billion worth of pledges, after hitting a record-breaking figure of P617 billion last year.
The Ministry of Commerce and Investment has published the draft bill of the Commercial Pledges Unified Register Regulation, which aims to make the registration of pledges electronically, for the public to express opinion and feedback.
'Still, we want to make sure that we fulfil these pledges in the shortest possible time without compromising on quality,' he told reporters during a lunch event at Little Sisters of the Poor to celebrate the late Karpal Singh's birthday.
The question, then, is what does Florida law provide regarding the enforceability of charitable pledges against a decedent's estate?
Figure 1 displays the proportion of pledges fulfilled at least in part by each successive governing party between 1993 and 2015.
Such high pledge levels could come under a threat of invocation (the lender transferring the shares to himself) in a declining market.
'My Health My Pledge' is a wellness initiative launched by Aster DM Healthcare through its different verticals including hospitals, clinics and pharmacies under the brands Aster, Medcare and Access.
SIR - David Williamson's column (WM May 5) appears to endorse Miliband's pledges on a tabletof-stone gimmick without having anything to say about the substance of the pledges themselves.
We designed a field experiment to test the direction of the impact of informational frame on charitable pledges. We solicited charitable pledges from 395 students during a campaign aimed at helping students through students at the School of Economics, Quaid-i-Azam University (QAU), Islamabad.
In a statement, the Saudi ambassador to Sudan Faisal bin Hamed Mulla said the Saudi citizens and students currently in Sudan could vow their allegiance pledge to Prince Muqrin bin Abdulaziz Al Saud as Deputy Crown either by personally coming to the embassy headquarters or register their pledges through the cultural attache office's electronic website.
(six tied at $100 million pledges) David Koch, New York-Presbyterian Hospital; Frank McCourt, Georgetown University; Ronald Perelman, Columbia Business School; T.