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sign the pledge

To take an oath to abstain from drinking alcohol forever. My father was a monster to me and my brothers until he signed the pledge in the late 90s. I noticed Janet drinking 7-Up all night. She either signed the pledge, or she's pregnant.
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take the pledge

To take an oath to abstain from drinking alcohol forever. My father was a monster to me and my brothers until he took the pledge about 10 years ago. I noticed Janet drinking 7-Up all night at the party. She's either taken the pledge, or she's pregnant.
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go back on one's word

 and go back on one's promise; go back on one's pledge
to break a promise that one has made. I hate to go back on my word, but I won't pay you $100 afterall. Going back on your promise makes you a liar.
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pledge something

to someone to promise something to someone. I pledged one hundred dollars to Ralph for his cause. We pledged a lot of money to our favorite charity.

take the pledge

Fig. to promise to abstain from drinking alcohol. I'm not ready to take the pledge yet, but I will cut down. My aunt tried to get me to take the pledge.
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sign (or take) the pledge

make a solemn undertaking to abstain from alcohol.
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sign/take the ˈpledge

(old-fashioned) promise never to drink alcohol: He hasn’t been much fun since he took the pledge.In the nineteenth century there were anti-drinking campaigns, when people were encouraged to sign a promise (= a pledge) never to drink alcohol.
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take the pledge

tv. to promise to abstain from alcohol. I’m not ready to take the pledge yet, but I will cut down.
See also: pledge, take
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This article will set out a summary of the issues relating to creation of a pledge over securities and discuss enforcement issues in Qatar.
Boland, who did not sign the rent control pledge, could not be reached for comment Thursday.
Similarly, one in 10 teenagers who initially reported being sexually experienced claimed never to have had sex when asked in the second interview; the odds of this change were raised among those who had taken a virginity pledge and those who said they had been born again since Wave 1.
Ninety-eight of the 111 candidates for Valley offices signed a pledge vowing to enact Los Angeles' current rent-control policy in a new Valley city at the first meeting of its city council, said Carlos Ferreyra, co- chairman of the Valley Independence Committee and a candidate for Valley council.
Organizations like SYLVANIA are an important part of the ENERGY STAR Change a Light community who have committed their time to help us spread the word about the ENERGY STAR Change a Light Pledge, and we are proud to work with them, and with the thousands of Americans, who've already taken the pledge to make a difference for this generation and those to come," said Wendy Reed of the EPA.
Don Rodriguez took the pledge next, followed by Mountain View fourth-grader Kiersten Haub, Arroyo Seco eighth-grader Sue Ann Bischetsrieder, future Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce President Connie Worden-Roberts and Valencia Industrial Association President Drina Hurst.
I encourage women to TAKE THE PLEDGE FOR BETTER HEALTH and use this book as an informative health resource, a springboard to discussions with their doctors, and a source of inspiration to make simple lifestyle changes for a healthier, happier life.
While the bonds are secured by loan repayments made by the named hospitals as borrowers of the authority, the pledge is enhanced by the Montana Board of Investment's (the board) irrevocable and unconditional pledge to make up any deficiency in the bond debt service reserve fund.
Some revenue pledges are enhanced by moral obligation pledges of the sponsoring municipalities.
The additional pledges of dedicated state taxes and other legally available federal highway reimbursements have provided very strong additional debt service coverage of more than 13.
In addition to revenue, general fund, or other pledges, ECDD may request that the state divert revenue due to a local government in the event that the respective entity defaults on its loan obligation.
The study tracked the effects of virginity pledges on teens' actual sexual behavior.
Some revenue pledges are enhanced by a moral obligation pledge of the sponsoring municipality.
Loan security provisions are strong, consisting mostly of tax, water, sewer, and solid waste system revenue pledges.
The complaint notes that the Motorola and Nokia loans were secured by pledges of Telsim shares in the event of default.