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sign the pledge

To take an oath to abstain from drinking alcohol forever. My father was a monster to me and my brothers until he signed the pledge in the late '90s. I noticed Janet drinking 7-Up all night. She either signed the pledge, or she's pregnant.
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take the pledge

To take an oath to abstain from drinking alcohol forever. My father was a monster to me and my brothers until he took the pledge about 10 years ago. I noticed Janet drinking 7-Up all night at the party. She's either taken the pledge, or she's pregnant.
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go back on one's word

 and go back on one's promise; go back on one's pledge
to break a promise that one has made. I hate to go back on my word, but I won't pay you $100 afterall. Going back on your promise makes you a liar.
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pledge something

to someone to promise something to someone. I pledged one hundred dollars to Ralph for his cause. We pledged a lot of money to our favorite charity.

take the pledge

Fig. to promise to abstain from drinking alcohol. I'm not ready to take the pledge yet, but I will cut down. My aunt tried to get me to take the pledge.
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sign (or take) the pledge

make a solemn undertaking to abstain from alcohol.
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sign/take the ˈpledge

(old-fashioned) promise never to drink alcohol: He hasn’t been much fun since he took the pledge.In the nineteenth century there were anti-drinking campaigns, when people were encouraged to sign a promise (= a pledge) never to drink alcohol.
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take the pledge

tv. to promise to abstain from alcohol. I’m not ready to take the pledge yet, but I will cut down.
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Finally, the authenticated share pledge would need to be registered with the QCSD.
htm) Bill Gates and wife Melinda, who consistently features in the world's riches people's list and are currently worth US$ 66 billion, along with Warren Buffett were the master-mind behind the The Giving Pledge.
America Recycles also awarded five Trek bicycles made with recycled aluminum frames to young people who completed pledge cards, including Brendan Nelson of Connecticut; Lindsey Martin of Michigan; Melvin Patrick Pearsall of Florida; Julianna Foglio of California; and Mary Ellen Bennett of South Carolina.
The court found that Maloof's personal loan guarantee, his pledge of stock and the bank's control of Level Propane did not constitute an economic outlay to create basis.
Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez and groups supporting the Pledge have already vowed to fight the decision on appeal.
Alter the Promise: the STD consequences of adolescent virginity pledges.
Continuing IBM's legacy of leadership in the strategic use of intellectual property, our pledge today is the beginning of a new era in how IBM will manage intellectual property to benefit our partners and clients.
For decades, however, THE NEW AMERICAN has not only kept this important congressional power in front of our readers, but has repeatedly recommended its use for curbing federal court usurpations on issues ranging from abortion to the Pledge of Allegiance.
When the pledge was written in 1892 by Francis Bellamy, a Boston minister, educator, and Socialist, it did not include the phrase "under God.
Supreme Court to overturn a lower court's ruling last spring that the phrase "one nation under God" in the pledge violates separation between church and state when recited in public schools.
Since we had become so well-programmed reciting the pledge in years past, it took a bit of effort to remember where to fit in these few words that today are causing so much upheaval.
Orr sent out 270 E-mails to friends and acquaintances, announcing that he intended to pledge $1 for every minute the Topeka, Kan.
An increasing number of colleges and universities have made the Graduation Pledge part of their closing ceremonies.
In fact, if you'll excuse the expression, it was grafted onto the current campaign when would-be governor Kathleen Brown challenged her rivals to sign a document indicating--and I quote--"We pledge to be honest.