please (oneself)

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please (oneself)

To do that which fulfills one's own desires, expectations, or ambitions, especially when failing to consider those of anyone else. It really doesn't matter to me how you arrange the furniture in here, so just please yourself! Look, Tom and his wife are always going to please themselves, so don't tie up everything you want to do on this trip with them.
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please yourself

expression I accept your decision or preference; suit yourself. The phrase typically implies that the speaker disagrees with (and is perhaps irritated by) the decision. A: "I would just rather not go to a wedding where I won't know anyone." B: "Fine, please yourself. I'll just go by myself."
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please oneself

to do what one wishes. We don't mind whether you stay or not. Please yourself! The boss preferred me to work late, but he told me to please myself.
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ˌplease yourˈself

(spoken) used to tell somebody that you are annoyed with them and do not care what they do: ‘I don’t think I’ll bother finishing this.’ ‘Please yourself.’
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ˌplease yourˈself


ˌdo as you ˈplease

be able to do whatever you like: There were no children to cook for, so we could just please ourselves.
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My wife, who is 55, is only interested in pleasing herself and she's been texting this man day and night.
She wanted to dominate.' Miuccia Prada, meanwhile, 'dominates the runway and the fashion press season after season by pleasing herself.' Thus with a 'dominatrix' on one side and an 'esocentric' on the other, the stage is set for their 'impossible conversations'.
In his egotism he cannot recognize his spouse as a person; though his cold treatment of her elicits the reader's sympathy, it does not mitigate the idea that her main priority is pleasing herself. Hemingway counters the idea that the story is primarily a "sympathetic portrayal of the woman's point of view" (Beegal 155) by interjecting the Expressionistic element of "repetitive passages [that] are ...
Though it has been a difficult and soulsearching year for Kirsten, the star seems to be finally pleasing herself. After failed romances with actor Jake Gyllenhaal and musician Fabrizio Moretti, the star recently enjoyed a funfilled fling with British rocker Johnny Borrell, lead singer with hit group Razorlight.
Who knows what extra goodies might be in store when someone is so much more intent on pleasing you than pleasing herself.
She concerns herself with pleasing her audience insofar as they are people she "knows." Pleasing them means singing out of her own experience, insisting on the value and beauty of her own experience and her own voice, and pleasing herself first.
She says she's enjoying the freedom of pleasing herself after years of having the responsibility of being a wife and mother.