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Based in central Florida, LAB Enterprises works with some of the top manufacturers in the US including Hades, Pleaser and Ellie along with some 80 others.
Since 1981, The Pool Pleaser has been serving the Greater South Orlando Area.
Thoughtful, pleasant and helpful, pleasers are easy to get along with on a personal level.
The Cowboy Way' is a real crowd pleaser, and we're confident it will perform very well this summer.
It floats with a certain stately majesty and will doubtless turn out to be a big audience pleaser wherever it plays.
Brother Derek has emerged as the crowd pleaser to win the 132nd Kentucky Derby after his dominating performance at the Santa Anita Derby on Saturday.
Rosenberg and co-artistic director Jim Riley, who also premiered a rather bland solo, Boy Blues, starred in another crowd pleaser, the 1991 Sweet Dreams by SF Bay Area choreographer Emma Lou Huckabay.
Scrat is a real audience pleaser and we think fans of the Ice Age films will love playing this game," said Robert Nashak, chief creative officer, Glu Mobile.
Another audience pleaser was the premiere of a striking production of French choreographer Redha's Lettres d'Amour, set to a collage of music by contemporary composers, ranging in mood from Indian motifs to symphonic strings.
It's an easy pop-it-in-your-mouth snack and a satisfying pizza all-in-one, making it the perfect crowd pleaser and the most fun you can have with a pizza for any family gathering or party.
The final work, no doubt intended as a crowd pleaser, was Peter Randazzo's zany A Simple Melody, a suite of mostly campy pieces danced to a sound collage of mainly pop music.
Three different eight-member casts proved the company's range and consistency in this deceptively facile piece: an antic crowd pleaser set to Mozart with men in powdered wigs and women with frizzed-out hair, it required exceptional timing and strength.
Somehow, from all this, Hill has once again produced what he says ``is sure to be a crowd pleaser.
Their women's dance, with a slow and high-swinging single poi (a fiber ball attached to a string), proved, as always, a real crowd pleaser.