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Indie outfit Bridges, who will perform at Crowd Pleaser on March 3 for the Hang the DJ night
Based in central Florida, LAB Enterprises works with some of the top manufacturers in the US including Hades, Pleaser and Ellie along with some 80 others.
Thoughtful, pleasant and helpful, pleasers are easy to get along with on a personal level.
They do, however, have a name for the millions and millions who suffer from it: The Pleasers.
Exploring subjects and situations Ed finds frustratingly maddening, Crowd Pleaser is a hilarious insight into Ed's life in his quest to turn into a grumpy old man.
Well, it was the Halloween season and, like The Nutcracker for Christmas, holiday programming is a surefire crowd pleaser.
Ain't Misbehavin' arranged by Don Heitler and Jim Lyke, is sure to be an audience pleaser no matter where or by whom it is played.
Golden Retriever: Accommodating and loyal, the golden retriever is a people pleaser and is most effective at team building.
With Irma Vep, however, he cooked up a crowd pleaser that openly stole from gothic romances, horror stories, and centuries-old Grand Guignol shock-theater devices.
Rosenberg and co-artistic director Jim Riley, who also premiered a rather bland solo, Boy Blues, starred in another crowd pleaser, the 1991 Sweet Dreams by SF Bay Area choreographer Emma Lou Huckabay.