pleased with yourself

pleased with (oneself)

Very proud of something one has done, often smugly and to an excessive or inappropriate degree. They all looked very pleased with themselves after signing the deal, even though it will enrich them at the expense of thousands of workers. My son was very pleased with himself after stealing the cookie from the table.
See also: please

ˈpleased with yourself

(often disapproving) too proud of something you have done: He was looking very pleased with himself.
See also: please
References in classic literature ?
I knew my silence disquieted them, and I well remembered the words of my father: "I know that while you are pleased with yourself you will think of us with affection, and we shall hear regularly from you.
You are much pleased with yourself," said he to Raoul when they were alone, "are you not?
We're certainly happy being 2-0 up, but you couldn't be pleased with yourself.
Of course you can go to Barcelona, make a cool selfie with (Lionel) Messi, put the images on Instagram and get a million likes and be pleased with yourself.
IFyou and your business have survived the first few months of trading you will be feeling pretty pleased with yourself, although this often masquerades as exhaustion
Stay positive There is no reason why you should put the weight back on but it helps to feel pleased with yourself for a job well done.
Emotionally, though, he'll be very pleased with yourself.
2 "I WOULDN'T say you look pleased with yourself, Steve.
As soon as you start feeling pleased with yourself, that's when you come unstuck.
Oh Katie, if only you knew what you were getting into you wouldn't be looking quite so pleased with yourself.
I would like to say to the scum who did this, I hope you are pleased with yourself and sleep at night.
And before you know it, you'll have completed your training - and will be feeling very pleased with yourself.
I guess you were pleased with yourself when you blew every tyre from the car and then trashed my engine.
Of course you can go to Barcelona, make a cool selfie with (Lionel) Messi and get a million likes and be pleased with yourself.
Feeling rather pleased with yourself for sniffing out such a bargain, you head up to the checkout and plonk your purchase down.