pleased with (oneself)

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pleased with (oneself)

Very proud of something one has done, often smugly and to an excessive or inappropriate degree. They all looked very pleased with themselves after signing the deal, even though it will enrich them at the expense of thousands of workers. My son was very pleased with himself after stealing the cookie from the table.
See also: please

*pleased with someone or something

happy and satisfied with someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) I am quite pleased with you. You did a fine job. We are pleased with your work.
See also: please

ˈpleased with yourself

(often disapproving) too proud of something you have done: He was looking very pleased with himself.
See also: please
References in classic literature ?
Apart from the fact that the sight of this happy and affectionate couple, so pleased with themselves and everyone else, and their well-ordered home had always a cheering effect on Levin, he felt a longing, now that he was so dissatisfied with his own life, to get at that secret in Sviazhsky that gave him such clearness, definiteness, and good courage in life.
They're just that pleased with themselves that they wouldn't mind if there was an earthquake," said Felix, grinning.
It so happened, however, that on this particular evening all these good people were in excellent humour and highly pleased with themselves.
They had brought the boy to the Lost City, and were very much pleased with themselves for the time.
And, besides, my customers killed two birds with one stone; for they were pleased with themselves for philanthropic reasons.
High-rise tenants in Paisley's oldest multistorey block at George Court were feeling mighty pleased with themselves.
The pupils should be very pleased with themselves as they put together some fantastic gifts for needy children which will spread some Christmas cheer this year.
CHELTENHAM Borough council and the Jockey club have announced they are going to clamp down on ticket touts (again) and sound terribly pleased with themselves about it.
Both sets of players can be pleased with themselves.
In the image, both Victoria and David are in the background putting on comical poses alongside Jesse, while the younger children sit on the sofa looking pleased with themselves and Brooklyn standing behind the couch.
THE three blundering Brexiteers looked very pleased with themselves on their first outing on the frontbenches of the Government.
Princess Cruises looked pretty pleased with themselves after revealing they were to build two new Royal-class ships within the next four years.
I remember them smiling and being very pleased with themselves.
No wonder the girls are so pleased with themselves.
Nottinghamshire have former England coach Peter Moores arriving as a coaching consultant on a three-month deal today and the county's director of cricket Mick Newell said: "I think when Peter comes in he will find a group of players who are very pleased with themselves - and rightly so.