pleased with (oneself)

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pleased with (oneself)

Very proud of something one has done, often smugly and to an excessive or inappropriate degree. They all looked very pleased with themselves after signing the deal, even though it will enrich them at the expense of thousands of workers. My son was very pleased with himself after stealing the cookie from the table.
See also: please

*pleased with someone or something

happy and satisfied with someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) I am quite pleased with you. You did a fine job. We are pleased with your work.
See also: please

ˈpleased with yourself

(often disapproving) too proud of something you have done: He was looking very pleased with himself.
See also: please
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But we soon had nearly a dozen woolly wanderers rounded up and, feeling thoroughly pleased with ourselves, set off for home.
The doors opened and in we strutted, all pleased with ourselves.
We were so organised, we were really pleased with ourselves - we had 60 people booked in at the hotel and the whole ceremony was taking place there too.
So there we are, dutifully chucking our cups into a recycling bin, feeling ever so pleased with ourselves for making an effort to save the planet - but it's all a big con.
But they will have to excuse me not feeling sorry for them because I want to be pleased with ourselves.
Drinking tea in a carpet shop afterwards, we all felt pretty pleased with ourselves.
We sound immensely pleased with ourselves sometimes on this album, but it's not because we think we're geniuses - we do think we're schoolboys - but it's because we're having so much fun.
Aglow, we would drive home, pleased with ourselves, pumped up with patriotism, feeling as if we'd just killed half-a-dozen Japs.
Mrs Cobbett, whose Dee's Support Group organised the event, said: "We were quite merry at the end of the day and feeling very pleased with ourselves.
It's like a leaking boat in which we keep bailing it out, and we're very pleased with ourselves that we continue to keep bailing it out," Greenspan told CNBC on Friday.
I grabbed the pizza from the empty table and we munched our way through, feeling very pleased with ourselves in not wasting it.
Without being too pleased with ourselves and losing sight of our goal, going forward we will proceed with the system's deployment and, once complete, we look forward to contributing to the achievements that the K computer will make possible.
We want to go into the summer pleased with ourselves with a big performance in the bag, not stewing on what we've done badly," he added.