pleased with (oneself)

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pleased with (oneself)

Very proud of something one has done, often smugly and to an excessive or inappropriate degree. They all looked very pleased with themselves after signing the deal, even though it will enrich them at the expense of thousands of workers. My son was very pleased with himself after stealing the cookie from the table.
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*pleased with someone or something

happy and satisfied with someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) I am quite pleased with you. You did a fine job. We are pleased with your work.
See also: please

ˈpleased with yourself

(often disapproving) too proud of something you have done: He was looking very pleased with himself.
See also: please
References in classic literature ?
If I were you, Rodney, I should be very pleased with myself.
I can't help crowing, Wendy, when I'm pleased with myself.
Margaret adds: "I am quite pleased with myself - what do you think?
Britain would not be Britain without Mr Farage with a pint in one hand and a mystery lady in the other" Former Labour prime minister Gordon Brown, discussing the Scottish referendum "There is something squalid and rancid about being spied on" Actor and writer Stephen Fry, accusing the Government of "disgraceful and duplicitous" mass surveillance of communications "He caused me to gulp and smile simultaneously" Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton, below, on how she reacted to David Miliband when he was British foreign secretary "I know I am a horrible person, but I am never less than pleased with myself " Actress Dame Eileen Atkins, who admits that smugness is one of her "very worst virtues" "I have always liked making people laugh.
Aided by crowding behind I was feeling pretty pleased with myself, but smugness soon turned to worry as it was clear as early as the third bend that he was in trouble.
He said: "I'm really pleased with myself and I'm a lot fitter.
Edinburgh-born Purrsey said after his triumph: "I knew I was capable of it and I put in a lot of effort to win the bronze so I'm very pleased with myself.
It was gorgeous and I was really pleased with myself.
I was pleased with myself, because it is a good thing for my business to have a good relationship with the ministry.
After that, I was so pleased with myself I forgot to look where I was going, and all of a sudden I fell into a pit
I was pleased with myself when I picked this nail colour, lipstick and gloss.
In the first half I wasn't pleased with myself, I was giving the ball away far too much," he said.
I'm not pleased with myself but that's how strongly I felt about D'Urso's performance, particularly with the winning goal.
I put them on at the car and set off across the grass feeling very pleased with myself.