pleased with (oneself)

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pleased with (oneself)

Very proud of something one has done, often smugly and to an excessive or inappropriate degree. They all looked very pleased with themselves after signing the deal, even though it will enrich them at the expense of thousands of workers. My son was very pleased with himself after stealing the cookie from the table.
See also: please

*pleased with someone or something

happy and satisfied with someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) I am quite pleased with you. You did a fine job. We are pleased with your work.
See also: please

ˈpleased with yourself

(often disapproving) too proud of something you have done: He was looking very pleased with himself.
See also: please
References in classic literature ?
She was delighted to see her father look comfortable, and very much pleased with herself for contriving things so well; but the quiet prosings of three such women made her feel that every evening so spent was indeed one of the long evenings she had fearfully anticipated.
Now, pet," said my guardian, "if it would not be irksome to you to admit the harmless little creature one afternoon before you save Boythorn's otherwise devoted house from demolition, I believe you would make her prouder and better pleased with herself than I-- though my eminent name is Jarndyce--could do in a lifetime.
Diaz said she wouldn't be pleased with herself if she can't take the gold medal in the AIMAG in Turkmenistan, where other Filipino athletes are also competing, from September 17 to 27.
Nicole Scherzinger is feeling pretty pleased with herself as she laps up her return to the X Factor and her adopted home country.
HAYLEY TODD: One year around Christmas time, my five-year-old daughter came out of school excited and pleased with herself, saying: "Mummy, mummy, I know what Jesus's second name is
By this point, Jesse had pretty much decided she was allergic to gluten, dairy, nuts, eggs and lactose and was sitting there looking pretty pleased with herself.
SHE scored a sixth Wimbledon victory and her 21st Grand Slam title so Serena Williams was right to be looking pleased with herself at the Wimbledon Champions Dinner at the Guildhall in London.
SHE scored a sixth Wimbledon virctory and her 21st Grand Slam title so Serena Williams was right to be looking pleased with herself at the Wimbledon Champions Dinner at the Guildhall in London.
Pleased with herself for killing the conversation stone dead, Idiot Girl wrapped it up with: "It's great, it's brilliant, it's a joy to see you in such a great place.
When my four-year-old Una has spent time choosing her dress, then which shoes to wear, and paired it with a little handbag I bought for a wedding 15 years ago for PS5 - looking so pleased with herself, OF COURSE the first thing I'm going to say to her is how pretty she looks
In the image, the Columbian star looks very pleased with herself as she poses in the racy bathing suit.
And when she walked off the court towards her waiting father Anton, all pleased with herself, her smile said it all.
Tamara looked pleased with herself as she walked out of C Restaurant in London with Henderson closely following behind.