pleased to meet you

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(I'm) (very) pleased to meet you

It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. A formal greeting when meeting someone for the first time. Hi, Mary, pleased to meet you. My daughter has had nothing but good things to say about you. A: "Daniel, allow me to introduce you to my mother, Margaret." B: "I'm very pleased to meet you, ma'am." I'm very pleased to meet you. Is this your first time here?
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(I'm) pleased to meet you.

an expression said when introduced to someone. Tom: I'm Tom Thomas. Bill: Pleased to meet you. I'm Bill Franklin. John: Have you met Sally Hill? Bill: I don't believe I've had the pleasure. I'm pleased to meet you, Sally. Sally: My pleasure, Bill.
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"Pleased to meet you," should be accompanied by a firm handshake, which a man should deliver standing, according to my old Da's rules of social etiquette.
The first phase will be our award-winning gin, draft ale and cocktail bar Pleased to Meet You and then a 25-bed boutique hotel and an event room catering for things like weddings and conferences for 300 guests."
All of the gins are available in Pleased to Meet You so why not expand your horizons and feel a bit cultured while sipping on your favourite tipple.
Jessica Branegan, General Manager at Pleased To Meet You, which won the Spirits Pub/Bar of the Year for 2017, said: "We've got a well rounded team here and everything we do is customerfocused.
CUSTOMERS of the newly-expanded city centre bar Pleased to Meet You (PTMY) are being invited to "spin for gin" with the launch of an innovative new app.
This is their first studio album since 2001's Pleased To Meet You and was recorded in a French chateau which is why they've been able to look at the world from a distance.
Carole raised eyebrows when, on first meeting the monarch, she greeted her with "Pleased to meet you" instead of "Hello Ma'am".
One day, I'd like to be able to say: Pleased to meet you, too.
PLEASED TO MEET YOU: Ainsley Harriot with Tracey Challinor (left) and Avril Draper
The awards are judged on a selection of the designer's portfolio for this year and Mr McIlwraith has been singled out for his work on Viceroy, the underground cocktail club which is part of Newcastle's Pleased To Meet You, plus the Toronto Lodge rural bar and eatery in Bishop Auckland, which is part of the Sonnet 43 brew house chain which the designer has been working with.
Meanwhile, gin bar Pleased To Meet You recently opened a new cocktail and restaurant area, almost doubling the popular venue's capacity.
PLEASED TO MEET YOU: Libby Waller, 17, faces the panel of (from left) Annette Mirfield of Alsters kelly, and Sarah Moulton and Stuart Jacks of the Learning Skills Council Coventry and Warwickshire.
Pleased to meet you.' And he said: 'Pleased to meet you!'."
When it comes to Best Spirits Bar/Pub, staff at Pleased to Meet You on Newcastle's High Bridge will have been more than pleased to meet the judges.
Pleased to Meet You will be open throughout the expansion, with the new sections open for August bank holiday weekend.