please (oneself)

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please (oneself)

To do that which fulfills one's own desires, expectations, or ambitions, especially when failing to consider those of anyone else. It really doesn't matter to me how you arrange the furniture in here, so just please yourself! Look, Tom and his wife are always going to please themselves, so don't tie up everything you want to do on this trip with them.
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please yourself

expression I accept your decision or preference; suit yourself. The phrase typically implies that the speaker disagrees with (and is perhaps irritated by) the decision. A: "I would just rather not go to a wedding where I won't know anyone." B: "Fine, please yourself. I'll just go by myself."
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please oneself

to do what one wishes. We don't mind whether you stay or not. Please yourself! The boss preferred me to work late, but he told me to please myself.
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ˌplease yourˈself

(spoken) used to tell somebody that you are annoyed with them and do not care what they do: ‘I don’t think I’ll bother finishing this.’ ‘Please yourself.’
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ˌplease yourˈself


ˌdo as you ˈplease

be able to do whatever you like: There were no children to cook for, so we could just please ourselves.
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References in classic literature ?
Very good health, a very warm constitution, and a good deal of religion, made it absolutely necessary for her to marry again; and she resolved to please herself in her second husband, as she had done her friends in the first.
She would not dare to choose, and begged that Mademoiselle Reisz would please herself in her selections.
John Knightley's, and was destined, if she could please herself, to hold a very honourable station over the mantelpiece.
But she'd a right to please herself. Folks is too ready to call other folks crazy.
We were in the library, the master having gone to bed: she consented, rather unwillingly, I fancied; and imagining my sort of books did not suit her, I bid her please herself in the choice of what she perused.
Now, Miss Squeers being five years older, and out of her teens (which is also a great matter), had, since, been more than commonly anxious to return the compliment, and possess her friend with a similar secret; but, either in consequence of finding it hard to please herself, or harder still to please anybody else, had never had an opportunity so to do, inasmuch as she had no such secret to disclose.
Every woman wants to look her best, whether it's to visually please herself or her lover, especially in the bedroom.
I think Meghan should please herself when to show her baby.
She got too hungry to wait for Edward and, as their sons were both at university, she could please herself what she did.
Naima's father says it's her choice, as long as "her brain is not tied up with the scarf." Shaila's mother begs her to wear the scarf when she visits her parents' home, but putting on the hijab to please her mother and then taking it off to please herself makes her feel like a hypocrite.
The GWBB tomboy is tough but can also be feminine and sexy when she desires because she dresses to please herself, not others.
Plus, since Girls Aloud went on their sabbatical, she's made cool-as-owt solo music to please herself and not the charts (they all say that, but in Nicola's case it's true).
She used to please herself and enjoyed phone-sex with him for a year.
Her stated reason had been that she wished to please herself before obeying her fearsome brothers in their choice of a match.
As she grows older, Estrada becomes torn between wanting to please her mother by becoming an academic and wanting to please herself and become a writer.