plead guilty to

plead guilty (to something)

To formally admit and declare that one is guilty (of some crime or accusation). The defendant avoided a possible death sentence by pleading guilty to a lesser charge of manslaughter. My client pleads guilty, your honor.
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plead guilty to something

to state that one is guilty of a crime before a court of law. Gerald refused to plead guilty to the crime and had to stand trial. Max pleaded guilty to the charge and then fled town.
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References in classic literature ?
Since, therefore, upon the strictest examination, my own conscience cannot lay any such pitiful theft to my charge, I am contented to plead guilty to the former accusation; nor shall I ever scruple to take to myself any passage which I shall find in an antient author to my purpose, without setting down the name of the author from whence it was taken.
Such was my passionate warmth that--we had rattled out of the village, gentle reader, and were lonely as Adam and Eve in paradise--I plead guilty to no less freedom than a kiss.
"I am afraid," he said, "that I must plead guilty to denseness--in this particular instance, at any rate.
But in revenge I followed Eliza into the dimly-lighted passage, where, under pretence of helping her on with her shawl, I fear I must plead guilty to snatching a kiss behind her father's back, while he was enveloping his throat and chin in the folds of a mighty comforter.
As you well remarked this very morning, 'There are some chaps who are no good for anything but books'; I plead guilty to being such a chap, and will not inflict myself on you."
Suzette Karen Taylor, 50, Haverford Way, Cardiff, plead guilty to assault.
* Hugo Miguel Silvestre Batista, 33, of Newport Road, Cardiff, plead guilty to driving without insurance.
pulls its forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, and stops the drone strikes in Somalia and Yemen and Pakistan, and stops the occupation of Muslim lands, and stops killing the Muslims, and stops reporting the Muslims to its government, we will be attacking the U.S., and I plead guilty to that."
She cites one of the defense attorneys, who claims that the Justice Department hinted that the men would possibly be deemed "enemy combatants" if they didn't plead guilty to the material support charge.