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I always plays devil's advocate with you [the PM], but not publicly.
Plug in earphones, do some mundane task get into Zen-like state Carlin plays devil's advocate, pondering questions such as, was Alexander the Great as bad a person as Adolf Hitler?
She plays devil's advocate and urges him to forgive his mum.
One thing that struck me when reading the recently published autobiography of professional punter Patrick Veitch was the way in which he plays devil's advocate with his proposed selections.
Unanimous bodies have a way of being unanimously wrong - nobody plays devil's advocate to test the consensus.
Stanley plays devil's advocate with her radical statement that "finally even faculty, those cosseted, narcissistic, jargon-making hothouse woolly heads will have to face the discipline of the new global market, the 'you're on your own' world, without the buffer of tenure.