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Of 89 children stopped in Hartlepool, 15 were found to be truants; of 11 stopped in Darlington, four were found to be playing truant and out of 102 stopped in North Yorkshire, 27 were found to be truant.
Education bosses at both Coventry City Council and Warwickshire County Council have a policy of fining parents who either encourage their children to take time off or don't do anything to stop their children playing truant.
The average percentage of primary school sessions missed through children playing truant in the Valleys was 1.
PARENTS of schoolchildren playing truant will be texted to alert them within minutes of their kids not turning up.
Schools have to tick childrens' names on a register in the morning and afternoon and make a note of whether the child is present, out of school with the teachers' consent or playing truant.
POLICE and education workers are to swoop on children playing truant in Halton.
Karoline Behan, 22, Sunderland, temp: If the parents have tried to stop them playing truant then it's not fair
The elite group of more than 50 officers, special constables and bus inspectors also checks for children playing truant.
He said: ``The headline rate of unauthorised absence has seen a modest improvement, with around 700 fewer pupils playing truant each day.
TRUANT HEROINE A 15-year-old girl who stopped an out-of-control US school bus she was riding on was handed a detention because she was playing truant.
The national average for pupils playing truant in UK state schools was 23 per cent, compared with 17 per cent in the private sector.
Or are their kids the ones playing truant and learning from their elders and supposedly betters, how to grow up being obnoxious and how to make other people's lives a misery?
He rounded on a trio of Asian boys for playing truant, until it dawned on his minders that the schools are on half-term.
Secondary school pupils in the North-East remain among the worst offenders in the country for playing truant from school.
TWO women were arrested today and face going to jail because their children keep playing truant.