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This argument may look like playing the devil's advocate against the much publicized and praised practice of "blind interviewing" or "blind hiring" or even "background-blind hiring," challenging one of the aggressive Moon government's policies.
Gaunt was once a decent, outspoken DJ - good at playing the Devil's advocate, but now he seems like a washed-up, desperate wannabe saying whatever he can.
Although this anthology raises several moot points, it stands out as an attempt at playing the devil's advocate in understanding the mindset of the Taliban.
There is no country like Lebanon," says Khayyatt, playing the devil's advocate, "and no people like Lebanese.
Playing the devil's advocate throughout, El-Shazly stressed that against the hundreds welcoming ElBaradei, there were millions who didn't.
Rutka: Actually, despite the fact that I have been playing the devil's advocate, I typically favor using a topical quinolone/steroid drop for many reasons.
While I personally have nothing against the East Coast, I briefly got in the argument fray and had a good time playing the devil's advocate with Anthony and Brandon about their coast's inherent suckiness.
And 30-year-old Monster Oscar winner Charlize certainly did not seem to be playing The Devil's Advocate.
Making a good decision requires research, playing the devil's advocate, and seeking out pros and cons.
She said, ``I am quite happy to be in an uncomfortable middle position playing the devil's advocate.
They encourage scrimmaging, brainstorming, and playing the devil's advocate.
Playing the devil's advocate, Patrick McCormick pins the pointed tail on the real culprits of evil deeds -- guess who?
On the contrary, when not playing the devil's advocate role the confederate group member did not challenge the leader's solution, avoided the advocacy of any particular solution or suggestion, and behaved in a manner so as to appear like just another member of the group.
Make sure you aren't regularly playing the devil's advocate or sleuth.