play Russian roulette

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play Russian roulette

1. Literally, to participate in a potentially deadly game of chance involving a revolver loaded with a single bullet, in which a participant spins the cylinder so that the bullet's location is unknown, puts the barrel to their head, and pulls the trigger. A university student died while apparently playing Russian roulette with other members of his fraternity.
2. By extension, to commit or participate in any reckless, foolish, and/or dangerous act or stunt, especially that in which the risk of danger or trouble is increased with the number of times one repeats it. You're playing Russian roulette every single time you get behind the wheel of a car when you've been drinking.
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play Russian roulette

COMMON If someone plays Russian roulette, they take big risks by doing something that might cause great problems or danger. Many organisations are playing Russian roulette with their greatest assets — their staff and their reputation. We're playing Russian roulette with our health, eating this rubbish. Note: If someone plays Russian roulette, they fire a gun containing only one bullet at their head without knowing whether the bullet will be released or not.
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play ˌRussian rouˈlette

take dangerous risks: The airline was accused of playing Russian roulette with the lives of their passengers.
Russian roulette is a dangerous game in which a person shoots a gun at their own head. The gun only contains one bullet so the person does not know if it will fire or not.
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Russian roulette, to play

To engage in a potentially fatal undertaking. The term refers to a game popularized by Russian officers at the czar’s court in which each player in turn, using a revolver that contains just one bullet, spins the cylinder, aims at his own head, and pulls the trigger. With a six-chamber cylinder, there is one chance in six that he will kill himself. The term was transferred to other highly risky undertakings in the first half of the twentieth century. “Abusive parents are often the scarred survivors of generations of Russian roulette,” stated an article in the medical journal the Lancet (1976).
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WORKERS in Newcastle need to "stop playing Russian roulette with flu", TV's Dr Hilary Jones has said, after nearly seven in 10 employees in the city said they would clock on even if they were still ill.
Father Nadim, 53, said: "If Pret A Manger were following the law, then the law was playing Russian roulette with our daughter's life.
These days, they are playing Russian roulette. If they succumb to the boycott they will not be a serious party and if they support the referendum, their membership will additionally diminish, writes Deralla.
"When we play Russian roulette with the concentration of atmospheric gases, we are playing Russian roulette with our ability to find new medicines in nature," he added.
"I just pray that this devastating outcome might be enough to put at least one other kid off of playing Russian roulette with their life."
If you love a man very much and are married to him, and you know he loves you, you pick up his socks" Best-selling writer Barbara Taylor Bradford on the key to a happy marriage "We need a Brexit that puts working people first, but ministers are playing Russian roulette with people's jobs, rights and livelihoods" Frances O'Grady, TUC general secretary "But politicians?
"Taking these pills is like playing Russian roulette in that you have no control over the risk.
Earlier, the head of the Indian central bank had said, 'Borrowing in dollars is like playing Russian roulette, especially if you're borrowing relatively short-term.
Rushing maintenance is like playing Russian roulette; you never know when your luck will run out.
According to Eric Schulze of Smithsonian magazine: "Eating food off the floor is a bit like playing Russian roulette with your gut."
A cruise is usually a great holiday - we've had quite a few - but choosing P&O at present is playing Russian Roulette with your time and money.
The Death of Johnny Ace, his first novel, is a fictionalized biography of an early 1950s R&B singer who died playing Russian roulette moments before a Christmas Eve concert in Houston.
The Department of Health (DOH) on Tuesday warned people with leptospiroris not to try to heal themselves, saying that this would be like playing Russian roulette.
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