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bit player

1. An actor with a small or insignificant part in a performance. I've been a professional actor for a few years now, but I've only been able to find work as a bit player in a couple of television shows.
2. By extension, a person with a minor, unimportant, or unimpressive role in something. This business is full of bit players who never advance in their careers.
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the cards beat all the players

obsolete All who would try to win against chance or fate will inevitably lose. You know that doing that could get you killed! You've been lucky so far, but the cards beat all the players.
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team player

1. Someone who works well in a team or group. John's always been a real team player, never hesitating to chip in or help others out where he can.
2. Someone who does what is necessary to maintain the success or further the goals of their team or company, especially at their own expense or to their own detriment. The boss will always try to belittle you for not being a team player if don't agree to stay late or work weekends.
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team player someone

who works well with the group; someone who is loyal to the group. Ted is a team player. I am sure that he will cooperate with us.
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the cards beat all the players

You can't win 'em all. A fatalistic phrase which tells us that destiny—in the form of a randomly shuffled deck of playing cards—has ultimately the upper hand, no matter how skillful a player might be.
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Blyth's Bede Academy recognised its top performers and players in a wide range of sports during an evening hosted by the PE department.
Unlike the larger set of salary arbitration eligible players where the majority of them have between 3-6 years of Major League Service Time (MLS), where a club may submit a salary figure for salary arbitration that is at least 80% of the player's previous year's salary earned performance bonuses (and at least 70% of his salary and earned performance bonuses two years previous), free agents are exempt from the rule.
Under 9 (II), manager Bob Murphy: manager's player Liam Murphy; most improved player Rhys Bradshaw; players' player Bevan Howells.
Weak neck muscles make a player vulnerable to injury.
Tropico (Gathering of Developers), in which the player strives to maintain control over a banana republic, tracks the daily lives and emotions of hundreds of unique citizens.
One of the most successful examples of player resistance occurred in 1885, when John Montgomery Ward, attorney and captain of the New York Giants, organized the Brotherhood of Professional Base Ball Players.
Undoubtedly, many international players have had problems adjusting to English and "American" culture, but Yao's difficulties are placed in the foreground.
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National athletic organizations should consider adopting guidelines about when a soccer player with a head injury can return to the game, he says.
If the shoe falls off, the player is frozen in place until another player picks up the shoe and replaces it upside down atop the frozen player's head.
A coach will take a player aside on game day and tell him: "I've seen you practice and you are good, so let's go out there and have some fun
One player is chosen to be Smaug, a ferocious dragon guarding jewels of immense value - bandanas, pine cones, or socks.