play your cards right

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play (one's) cards right

To act adeptly and with good judgment; to make the best and most effective use of the resources at one's disposal. The bosses have been impressed with your work so far. If you keep playing your cards right, you could see a promotion inside of a year. I'm really hoping Janet will agree to go on a second date, but I'll have to play my cards right tonight!
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play your cards right

mainly BRITISH
If you play your cards right, you use your skills to do what is needed in order to succeed. Soon, if she played her cards right, she would be head of the London office. He was convinced he could actually win the election provided that he played his cards right. Note: The reference here is to a player in a card game who can win the game if they use their cards well enough.
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play your cards right

make the best use of your assets and opportunities.
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play your ˈcards right

(informal) deal successfully with a particular situation so that you achieve some advantage or something that you want: If you play your cards right you could get promotion in a year or two.
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Play Your Cards Right and Strictly presenter Brucie, who died in August aged 89, sold the 6750cc blue Roller in 1978.
Play Your Cards Right It's a bit Mother Goose, isn't it?
Sunday Night at the London Palladium OK dollies do your dealing - Play Your Cards Right "Good game, good game.
This outrageous form of the traditional game involves sing-alongs, audience participation and a Play Your Cards Right game show among the bingo calling.
FATHER Christmas may not be your Facebook friend, nor does he follow you on Twittter, but if you play your cards right on Instagram, he may just take notice.
It's a sort of cross between 8 Out of 10 Cats and Play Your Cards Right, in which contestants must guess whether the retort to a question is higher and lower - and each answer is based on a survey carried out by other participants.
The evening played host to a variety of retro games including versions of Play Your Cards Right and the ever-popular Generation Game's "conveyor belt" memory test.
The gameshow extravaganza will feature Family Fortunes, Take Your Pick, Name That Tune, Play Your Cards Right and The Cube.
Dressed as characters such as the Wicked Witch and Superwoman, the group's stall attracted crowds who wanted to play on their wheel of chance, play your cards right and have their face painted.
Now that the appeal tribunal must choose from the sanctions in their book, there's only one way the crowd's going in this game of Play Your Cards Right, Brucie.
Play Your Cards Right is the name of Sporting's bookings 60 index and they have pitched Romania at 23-26, just ahead of Turkey and Poland.
Whether it be on Play Your Cards Right, the Generation Game, Strictly Come Dancing, The Price is Right or a host of other fluffy prime-time hits, this knight-in-waiting has been entertaining Brits in their millions since what seems like the dawn of time.
Fear not, The Masquerade is still accessible to pedestrians so you can still enjoy the delights of Play Your Cards Right on Sundays with Doreen and on Mondays with DJ Martin, karaoke on Tuesdays and the fabulous music quiz on Saturdays with Miss Candi Take It.
Customers took part in a game of Play Your Cards Right, It's a Knockout and helped with a car boot sale.