play (one) false

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play (one) false

old-fashioned To deceive one; to cheat or swindle one. I insisted that they offer something as a collateral before we entered the deal, lest they play us false with their offer. The rogue had been playing the old lady false for nearly a year, preying on her trusting nature to bilk her out of her fortune.
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play false

Deceive or betray one, as in If my memory does not play false, I met them years ago in Italy. [Late 1500s]
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play someone false

prove treacherous or deceitful towards someone; let someone down.
See also: false, play, someone
References in classic literature ?
To think that your better sense should so play you false, Makar Alexievitch!
Don't doubt yourself or feel that your intuition will play you false. Act on a hunch even if someone is trying to talk you out of it.