play with (one)

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play with (one)

1. Literally, to engage in play alongside or in tandem with one. Why don't you go outside and play with your brother? No one wants to play with me. Everyone's too busy.
2. To tease, fool, or joke with one. I'm just playing with you, Tom—I'm not upset at all! I thought you were being serious—don't play with me like that!
3. To deliberately attempt to evade, deceive, or misinform one (about something) in order to manipulate them or achieve some desired outcome. Quit playing with me, Karen—I know that you're involved in this deal! The serial killer is playing with the police, leaving false clues everywhere to muddy the investigation.
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play something with someone or something

1. to play a game with someone or a group. Do you want to play checkers with me? Fran played ball with the dog for a while.
2. to assume a particular role with someone or some group. Don't play the fool with me! Don always tried to play the successful entrepreneur with the board of directors.
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play with someone or something

1. to play games with someone or a group. I love to play Ping-Pong. Will you play with me? They won't play with our team. We are too good.
2. to toy with someone or something. You are just playing with me. Can't you take me seriously? Please don't play with that crystal vase.
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play with

1. To engage in a sport, game, or other recreation with someone: I played chess with my brother until midnight.
2. To amuse or distract oneself by manipulating something: He sat playing with a rubber band throughout the lecture.
3. To jest with someone: I was just playing with you when I said I was angry.
4. To tamper with something: Someone played with my computer while I was gone.
5. To treat something casually or without seriousness; flirt with something: She played with the idea of going back to college.
6. To experiment with something: He played with many different hairstyles before choosing one he liked.
7. To manipulate or arrange something in a skillful manner: I like the way your poem plays with language.
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play with (oneself)

Vulgar Slang
To masturbate.
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Playing with Jia pumps me up because it's really good to play with someone you know and I'm thankful because she's always thinking on whom to give the ball to,' said Valdez who won three straight MVPs with Morado as her setter.
Getting to play with someone like him and the ability he's got, you can learn off him every day and it's obviously fantastic to bring it into the games and share these good results.
It's nice to play with someone you know is going to give you the ball.
To play with someone similar to myself is good for me and hopefully he can improve the level in our squad.
Until you play with someone week in week out, it's hard to judge how good somebody is.
It's about a doll that wants to play with someone and is friended by two teddy bears.
Torres said: "If you play with someone like Stevie, the best in the world, it can only help you.
Heskey, who has recovered from a back problem, said: "You never know until you actually play with someone what the partnership is going to be like, but Wayne is a fantastic player.
A lot of the other teams are scratch pairings because they've had to split up and play with someone from the same country.
It's easy to play with someone like Curtis because he's so good.
It's always good to play with someone who you're going to be teammates with in the future because it helps create chemistry.
How did you manage to play with someone as high-profile and as musically respected as Robert Fripp the first time out?
Of course, the real fun would have been to play with someone else's real money.
It is a learning curve for me to play with someone like that.