play with

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play something with someone or something

1. to play a game with someone or a group. Do you want to play checkers with me? Fran played ball with the dog for a while.
2. to assume a particular role with someone or some group. Don't play the fool with me! Don always tried to play the successful entrepreneur with the board of directors.
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play with someone or something

1. to play games with someone or a group. I love to play Ping-Pong. Will you play with me? They won't play with our team. We are too good.
2. to toy with someone or something. You are just playing with me. Can't you take me seriously? Please don't play with that crystal vase.
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play with

1. To engage in a sport, game, or other recreation with someone: I played chess with my brother until midnight.
2. To amuse or distract oneself by manipulating something: He sat playing with a rubber band throughout the lecture.
3. To jest with someone: I was just playing with you when I said I was angry.
4. To tamper with something: Someone played with my computer while I was gone.
5. To treat something casually or without seriousness; flirt with something: She played with the idea of going back to college.
6. To experiment with something: He played with many different hairstyles before choosing one he liked.
7. To manipulate or arrange something in a skillful manner: I like the way your poem plays with language.
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play with (oneself)

Vulgar Slang
To masturbate.
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Those of us trained to play classical music using a 19th-century approach need to remember what 18th-century writers tell us, and give ourselves permission to play with nuance appropriate to what is being communicated.
Try to imagine the play with the sex of the characters [Catherine and her father's student] reversed," Taylor says.
Yet what makes The Purple Flower particularly useful as a teaching tool and particularly powerful in performance is Bonner's deliberate solicitation of debate, nowhere more evident than in her decision to end the play with a question.
Linking play with discovery was developed through activities such as browsing materials, watching television, and speaking with colleagues.
The therapist does not actively play with the child, but rather participates as an observer, encourager, and reflector of feelings (Axline, 1948; Landreth, 1991).
Like a karate master before a match, a puppy invites play with a "play bow," by kneeling forward on its forepaws.
The National Parenting Center also honored the ESPN Play by Play with a Seal of Approval award.
Sometimes you play with better players and I think it makes you a little better.
Other times it means we have to play with a little more speed and up-tempo.
Claude Purdy heard this series of poems and told me, "You should write a play with that character.
I have a computer that runs [a copy of] Chinook, and I play with it night and day.
Baby Gymtastics[TM] Bounce & Spin Zebra[TM]: Babies sit on the brightly colored, friendly-faced Zebra and enjoy music and lights as they play with the spinning bead roller on the handle bars.
Eric Belanger brought the puck up the left side and executed a give-and-go play with Pavol Demitra.
4, we are running our counter play with a Xavier tag.