play (someone's) game

(redirected from play their game)

play (someone's) game

To engage or participate in something according to the design, intentions, or conditions imposed by someone. I know the application process seems nonsensical and unintuitive, but you just have to play their game and do the paperwork the way they ask. I'll play your game for now, but if I find out you're not holding up your side of the bargain, I'm going to the police!
See also: game, play

play someone's game

advance another's plans, whether intentionally or not.
See also: game, play

play somebody’s ˈgame


play the same ˈgame (as somebody)

(also play somebody at their own ˈgame) use the same methods as a competitor, an opponent, an enemy, etc: Safeway started cutting their food prices, so Asda decided to play them at their own game by cutting prices even more.
See also: game, play
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'We did not play our game, there were players who also did not play their game,' said Ayo.
The 19-year-old said: "Everyone knows Premier League games are always fast, quick, strong, so if we don't play our game then they will play their game and you will see that they will dominate us.
We want the athletes to warm-up the way they play their game, but at a low to moderate level of intensity.
The reigning champion, Germany, plays in Group C alongside Macedonia, Slovenia and Montenegro and will play their games in the Croatian capital, Zagreb.