play the goat

play the goat

To behave comically or playfully, often to amuse others. Joe never plays the goat—he's always serious. If you continue to play the goat, you're going to have to leave the classroom.
See also: goat, play

play (or act) the (giddy) goat

fool around; act irresponsibly. informal
See also: goat, play

act/play the ˈgoat

(informal) deliberately behave in a silly or foolish way: Stop acting the goat or I’ll send you out. I’m warning you.
See also: act, goat, play
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Also in May, American playwright Edward Albee visited Bulgaria for preparations for his play The Goat or Who is Sylvia.
In the play the goat says, 'What can't man extend his compassion to?
Staged at London's Almeida Theatre, it will be the British premiere of Edward Albee's Tony Award-winning play The Goat, which is subtitled Who Is Sylvia?