play safe

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play safe

To not take any unwarranted risks or dangers; to act with caution and prudence. Despite the initial popularity of their product, the company has been playing safe, deciding not to ramp up production until they are sure momentum will continue. I think you should have your car looked at by a mechanic before your big road trip. Better to play safe than end up stuck in the middle of nowhere!
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play safe


play it safe

COMMON If you play safe or play it safe, you do not take any risks. If you want to play safe, cut down on the amount of salt you eat. Big tourist hotels tend to play safe with bland international menus. The pilot decided that Christchurch was too far away, and played it safe, landing at Wellington.
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play (or play it) safe (or for safety)

take precautions; avoid risks.
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play (it) ˈsafe

avoid danger; act safely, even if another course of action would be quicker, more successful, etc: I know all these locks seem unnecessary but I believe it’s always better to play safe. OPPOSITE: take a risk
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He added that the Play Safe technology will not be integrated into Hayward's existing pump lines.
We urge people to have carry condoms and play safe.
Teacher Liz Rutherford said: "The Play Safe, Stay Safe campaign is a great way to get children thinking about safety.
THOUSANDS of potential property sales and valuations requested by owners seeking to remortgage with a new lender are being hit as surveyors play safe by slapping a lower valuation on their homes.
Today, quarry operators around the country launched their annual Play Safe, Stay Safe campaign.
Most docs suggest players with head injuries undergo at least a week of observation before playing again and Hearts' medical men are likely to play safe.
While our hearts go out to the grieving parents, and it will haunt them forever, it is our parental duty to make it very clear to children (and adults for that matter) that it is not sufficient for them just to play safe but they must stay away from railway lines altogether.
Yet, despite knowing how HW and other diseases are spread and how to play safe, he still hesitates to have sex.
Children are being urged to play safe this summer and avoid entering building sites by property developer Barratt Homes.
I'm going to try to get the horse there in the best possible shape and the owners will decide if they want to go for the big gamble, or whether they want to play safe.
We have to play safe in the back (on defense) and we got frustrated.
The Halifax suggests you play safe with top-ups by noon on February 22.
Therefore, to play safe, advice from the Department of Health is that pregnant women and women trying to become pregnant should not drink at all.
Surely, the starlet doesn't want to annoy anyone and is trying to play safe.