play over

play (something) over

1. To play or perform music so loudly that it drowns out someone or something else. The band always plays over the award recipients when their speeches get too long. Protestors played death metal over the presentation so that the audience couldn't hear anything of what was being said.
2. To play something again from the beginning. They played the security tape over to try and figure out the exact moment the killer had escaped. Officials have rejected requests for the game to be played over, saying that there was no evidence of cheating by any of the players.
3. To recall or remember some event very vividly. My embarrassing mistake during my speech kept playing over in my mind. I've been playing the moment over in my mind, trying to figure out if it was a sign that she felt the same way about me.
See also: over, play

play something over

to replay something, such as a game, a videotape, an audio recording, etc. There was an objection to the way the referee handled the game, so they played it over. Let's play that song over again.
See also: over, play

play over

1. To consider something; give thought to something: It's a very tough question, and I've been playing it over for a long time. I continue playing over the accident, wondering if I could have prevented it.
2. To be repeatedly recalled or relived in the mind; occupy the mind repeatedly: Our kiss last night keeps playing over in my head.
See also: over, play
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A: I would have been lucky to have my frontline bowlers as bowlers won the game for most of the team and would have preferred to Mustafizur Rahman and Sunil Narine who could also open the innings and give us a blazing start with the bat in the power play overs.
Former T20 captain Shahid Afridi, in a recent interview, revealed that the Raisers management has asked him to prepare for the opening slot so he can take advantage of the power play overs.
I have now learnt to use power play overs effectively and bat positively.
Surrey scored 50 in the six power play overs with Glamorgan untidy in the field in the opening exchanges.
Johannesburg, July 9 ( ANI ): South African all-rounder Ryan McLaren has explained his attacking mindset that has been the catalyst behind his success during the crucial Power Play overs in ODI cricket.
Warner and Mahela Jayawardene, the two openers who got a life apiece, fell within the Power Play overs.
Visitors ABC won the toss and opted to bat first in this title match and made a steady start reaching 29 in the first four mandatory power play overs.
He added that players would take time to settle in power play overs.
It was 31 for two at the end of the six power play overs and 32 for three when David Sales pulled Turner straight to Kartik at mid-wicket.
Former Pakistan all-rounder Mahmood earlier struck twice during the power play overs to keep Kent hopes of victory alive, removing openers Mark Pettini and Jason Gallian in two separate spells.
McCullum went at the start of the ninth over at 52 for one, but with no effort made by the rest of the top order, only 15 runs came from the next nine overs, with no effort by Jamie How or James Marshall to exploit the power play overs in which nine men must be in the ring.
Kyle Abbot only conceded five runs from his opening 12 balls in the six power play overs as Glamorgan limped to 32 for one.
There is no justification for the surrender, to the extent that our team created a shameful world record of scoring 13 runs for 4 wickets, in 6 power play overs, when ONLY 2 fielders are allowed outside the circle.
According to Sport24, however, Lance Klusener believes De Villiers should bat at No 3 and Miller as soon as possible after the power play as power hitters should be introduced early in Bangladesh, where there is generally not much seam movement during the power play overs.
Ashish Nehra suffered most at Gilchrist's hands, smashed for three fours and two sixes in two overs as Punjab reached 53 without loss after the Power Play overs.