play kissy-face

play kissy-face (with someone)

1. To kiss someone amorously, especially in public. The model and movie star has reportedly been playing kissy-face with an unknown love interest. The teacher yelled at the two students for playing kissy-face in the back of class.
2. To ingratiate oneself to someone through excessively flattering, fawning, or solicitous overtures. Many of his constituents have accused him of playing kissy-face with senators of the other party in order to get his tax bill through.
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play kissy-face (or kissy-kissy)

behave in an excessively friendly way in order to gain favour. informal
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RESPONSE: Barack Obama might want to play kissy-face with madmen, but John McCain knows exactly what he'd do to that little Tehranian turd to keep Americans safe.