play in

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play (oneself) in

To become accustomed to or comfortable with a particular action or situation. Used especially in reference sports and athletes. Primarily heard in UK. The rookie goal keeper had to enter the game after the starter went out with a hamstring injury, and he just never had a chance to play himself in.
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play in something

1. to play a musical instrument in some musical organization. I used to play in a band. I wanted to play in the orchestra but I wasn't good enough.
2. [for someone] to play the action of a game in a particular position or location. Fred played in left field for the rest of the game. I will play in the backfield for the rest of the game.
3. to perform in a specific production. She played in the Broadway production of Major Barbara. Once, I played in The Mikado.
See also: play
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The five-year proposal acknowledges the impact that recreational fisheries play in the country's social, cultural and economic well-being.
We believe BPM has a unique role to play in the advancement of SOA, and that demands a continual adoption of all standards.
By establishing this relationship, INS is very enthusiastic about the potential of HeartScan's Coronary Artery Disease Risk Assessment Program and excited about the role Coronary Artery Scanning can play in bringing a truly preventative approach to evaluating Coronary Artery Disease through new technology within our health care delivery system.