raise hob with

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raise hob (with someone or something)

slang To cause issues or disruptions for someone or something. "Hob" is short for "hobgoblin," a type of imp or elf that causes mischief. This wonky Internet signal is raising hob with my work day. The nasty weather raised hob with our plans for the weekend.
See also: hob, raise, someone

raise hob with someone or something

 and play hob with someone or something
to do something devilish to someone or something; to cause trouble for someone or something. (A hob is a hobgoblin, a wicked little elf.) Your sudden arrival is going to play hob with my dinner plans. Sorry, I didn't mean to raise hob with you.
See also: hob, raise
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And others say the change will do more harm than good because it will play hob with airline schedules and the internal clocks on computers and myriad other gadgets programmed with the current time schedule.
Lead deposits in the mouth of the chamber play hob with accuracy, and are rather stubborn to remove.
Besides damage to tree farmers, nurseries and sawmills, the moths can play hob with a region's tourism.